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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind




Blowing in the Wind is a bar with conversation at its heart. Everything about the small bar is instilled with a passion for spending time with friends over some of the best cocktails and Tex-Mex food in Tianjin. 


Donald, the owner, found his passion for all things Mexican in a trip to Texas, where he discovered Tex-Mex food, a hybrid cuisine of the best of Mexico and Texas. Despite this, the bar has alcohol running through its veins. The service is geared to making great cocktails, and they deliver; the Margherita and the Mojito, were some of the best I have ever tasted. Added to that, drinks are only CNY 50, and were bigger than my head, no tiny glasses with an inflated price. Drinks are made by Donald and his bartender, who have been running bars in Tianjin and Nanjing for the last decade or so. 


Despite being a bar, the culinary part of Donald’s trip to America left its mark on Blowing in the Wind. The food they serve is authentic and delicious, but was originally meant to accompany the drinks, rather than the other way round. Because of this the menu is still on the small side. Enchilladas, Quesedillas, and Nachos, with a healthier option of a Green Salad make up the bulk of the menu, but they are all amazingly well cooked, and the portions are enormous. The price is reasonable as well, a plate of quesadillas or two enchiladas is only CNY 45, and both come with home-made salsa.    


The lighting and the music are subtle but still have their own presence that infuses the bar with a mellow atmosphere. The music is Latin based with a smattering of blues, and the lighting creates a feeling of permanent dusk, not too bright, not too dark. It’s romantic and laidback, so making new friends and getting to know old ones better has never been easier. 



Address: No. 2 Wu Jia Yao 鍚村绐2鍙疯矾 

Tel: +86 22 2351 4989

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Opening Times: 18:00-01:00, food starts at 18:30 and finishes at 22:30.



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