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Chitchat - Wei Jingjing




Wei Jingjing

29 years old from Guangzhou

Works at Heineken Asia Pacific Breweries (China) Ltd., Northern Marketing


Favourite dish you’ve tasted in Tianjin:

I like Tianjin’s Fried Saut茅ed Green Beans… so delicious!


Which night do you prefer to go out - Friday or Saturday?

I usually go out on Saturday night. Fridays I spend doing overtime work.


Favourite place to go shopping:

For shopping, I do most of it through Taobao ( since I’m a busy person and don’t have enough time to go shopping… and also because with Taobao you don’t have to compete with the noisy crowd in department stores.


The perfect spot in Tianjin:

Definitely the Wu Da Dao area (Five Avenue of Tianjin) as it has picturesque and quiet atmosphere. The buildings and trees there are just lovely!


What do you think is the perfect place for a date:

Tianjin Yongan Bridge at night when all its colourful lights are on. It shows a different kind of Tianjin and gives a romantic feeling. 


Last movie you watched:

Man of Steel. I watched it at IMAX in Joy City. Cool movie!


Following any TV series lately:

Yes, actually a lot! Some of them are House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, Suit, and Homeland.


Strangest thing you’ve seen in town:

Taxi drivers always putting the available sign up but would deny of hiring once you signal them to pull over.


The best about Tianjin:

I really think Tianjin’s Jian Bing Guo Zi is awesome. Aside from that, I think the history and architecture of Tianjin is unique amongst the other cities in China.


Any advice you’d like to give to Tianjin newcomers?

Don't go to Tianjin station on Friday night because after 22:00, you won’t get any normal taxi. I say this because I experienced taxi drivers asking for hilarious amounts of money!


What do you think are top three things any newcomer or traveller must experience in Tianjin?

For newcomers, don’t miss: the Wu Da Dao area. Aside from buildings and trees, it also has many museums and good bars. Secondly, go to a seafood market and restaurant, order any seafood you want and ask them to cook it for you. It’s cheap and so delicious! Lastly, one must experience watching Cross Talk as Tianjin is famous for it.



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