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Tianjin Plus Magazine Turns 4!



In this same month four years ago, copies of a new lifestyle magazine were distributed to hotels, restaurants, shops, spas, business institutions and every other nook and cranny of Tianjin. It is lifestyle magazine that is created out of the expat community’s insistent request for a family-friendly, entertaining lifestyle guide. 

Every month since this inception A pool of creative minds have been coming together - sharing expat experiences, discussing thoughts, developing plans, conceptualising contents and design, and just throwing in whatever out-of-the-box ideas that may help in the making of a lifestyle supplement that answers to the pleas of foreigners and English speakers in Tianjin. 
In August 2009, Tianjin Plus’ first issue appeared in magazine stands; small but fierce, new but creative, unique but informative, and definitely faithful to the notion of helping foreigners, whether new or old, to get to know the city even more and to appreciate the city’s speedy ride to development.
It has now been four years since the birth of this unique and invaluable publication. As the city develops, so does Tianjin Plus. Editors and contributors still come together, week after week, developing new concepts, thinking about what content is best for expats, always motivated to see things with new and deeper perspectives, and all the time looking for substantial stories and excellent people to appear on Tianjin Plus’ glossy pages. If there is anything readers should know about Tianjin Plus, it is that stories and images appear on the magazine’s pages because they are created out of editors’ desire to provide what’s best for readers– whether it be a story, event or any other kind of information. It is all for you, dear readers! Tianjin Plus is in the serious business of making your life in Tianjin as vibrant and as colourful as possible. 
Yes, you may only be here for business or a short term stay, but we can give you special guidance on how to find your breathing space outside ofwork. You may be a foreign student, but we can give you information on the latest hang-outs in town (because we understand that too much of school is not cool!). Or, you may be here only for a few months, but pick up Tianjin Plus, read its pages, and before you know it, you’re on your way to visiting the best places Tianjin can offer. 
Some say there is nothing to do in Tianjin. We say, you will never run out of things to do in Tianjin. But first of all, you need a faithful guide; and Tianjin Plus is it!
Since it is Tianjin Plus’ fourth anniversary, here are four reasons why you should read this magazine EVERY month:
1:Tianjin Plus is handy!
Size does matter! You don’t want be carrying a heavy magazine with many non-sense articles on it. You’d rather carry something that’s handy but packed with substantial information. And that’s what Tianjin Plus is. You can take the magazine anywhere with its convenient size of 14 x 21 cm. This means you can read the magazine whilst on the subway to Binjiang Dao and there’s ease in flipping its pages. And it’s easy to read, too!
2: Tianjin Plus gives up-to-date information!
Information is everything, so they say. The calendar of events on pages 8 and 9 of every issue shows the many activities happening around the city. Not only that, the latest in art and culture, nightlife, expat community news, the hospitality industry, dining, sports, and many more important aspects of Tianjin life are imprinted onto these pages. We not only give you the information that you want, but also the information that you need!
3: Tianjin Plus supports cultural understanding!
Tianjin Plus understands culture shock, culture clashes and cultural diversity. It’s difficult to study Chinese, says a foreigner. I’m shy to talk to a wai guo ren, says a Tianjin local. We hear you, people! So that’s why we have the Chinese Lesson column, simplified and made useful, just for you. Besides this, we feature articles highlighting achievements, whether made by Chinese or foreigners, and asking them key questions about dealing with cultural differences. We also have global and local travel columns that unfailingly present different cultures, places and people. If these are not enough, check out our Recipes Page and be inspired by how our contributor from America does his best to cook Chinese foods, or our Relationship Column as Angela and Daemon shed light on issues of human relationship. They’re insightful and hilarious, but always encouraging cultural understanding!
4: Tianjin Plus is, by far, the best!
That’s what we aim for, and ambitious as it may sound, we are not shy in declaring it to the world. Tianjin Plus is created by a group of people who love what they do and who care about Tianjin and the world. As mentioned before, we are in the serious business of giving our readers a vibrant and colourful life in Tianjin. And there’s no way we’re going to stop!
This month, as Tianjin Plus celebrates its fourth year anniversary, our staff- from the Managing Director, Editors, Contributors,  designers, photographers, distributors, all the way down to the cleaners, would like to say a big “thank you” to our readers for four years of faithfulness! We’re the best because our readers are the best. It takes one to know one. Cheers!
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