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Milano Pizza and Beer Pub - The Newest Place to Chill & Eat
Milano Pizza and Beer Pub is Tianjin’s cosy new place for a powerful meal or a chill out beer. Located on Wandezhuangdajie, Milano is one of the many sprouting restaurants and bars in the city which is targeting foreigners, professionals, and the fashionable youth, who are looking for a wonderful time with friends on either a meal or drink.
Yet, what makes Milano different from the other new bars and restaurants in Tianjin is evident in many fine details. Here are some of them.
Firstly, prices of food and drinks are reasonable. Milano has draft beer, Belgium, German, Italian and Chinese beers on their menu and prices range from CNY 25-40. They also have a good selection of wines that are from CNY 240-230 per bottle. Soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, cocktails, and long drinks are also available with prices ranging from CNY 10-30. When it comes to food, their pastas are CNY 28-38, pizzas CNY 36-68, salads CNY 22-36, appetizers CNY 18-38 and their main dishes from CNY 60-168.
Secondly, Milano is a cosy place with great wall d茅cors, a chic bar area, and a comfy private room with Latin and chill out songs being played for a relaxing atmosphere. Their sole private room can only hold less than 10 people but is a splendid area for when you and your friends want your own space, and a quieter one at that. On wonderful days, going al fresco is a fantastic idea.
Thirdly, we all want to know if foods on offer are delicious. The answer: Yes! Milano’s chef somehow finds a way to make sure all foods served stand out. A little effort on food presentation indeed goes a long way. And lastly, the place has good service. We all want pleasant waiters and waitresses who are ready to us serve when we order and who also serve with a smile. In this regard Milano is doing a great job. 
Address: No. A-2-101, Vande Apartment, Wande Zhuang Dajie, Nankai District
Tel: +86 22 8702 1808
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