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The Essence of China Road Beauty Salon


閲嶉亾閫犲瀷锛岃嫳鏂囧悕绉版槸China Road锛屾墍璋“涓浗涔嬮亾”锛 涔熸湁“浠婚噸鑰岄亾杩”鐨勫惈涔夈傞噸閬撻犲瀷浣嶄簬鍜屽钩鍖烘槅鏄庤矾涓庡叞宸為亾浜ゅ彛锛屾兂瑕佷负澶у鎵撻犵殑鏄舰璞℃枃鍖栥傚湪杩欓噷锛屼笉浠呬粎鏈夊ぇ瀹舵墍璁や负鐨勬渶绠鍗曠殑鍓彂鐑彂锛岃繖閲岀殑褰㈣薄椤鹃棶杩樹細涓烘偍浠庡ご鍒拌剼璁捐鏈閫傚悎鎮ㄨ嚜宸辩殑鏈嶈鎼厤浠ュ強濡嗗閫犲瀷銆傚嵆浣挎槸鏈绠鍗曞湴娲楀彂姝ラ锛岄噸閬撻犲瀷涔熺粷瀵规槸鐙爲涓甯滐紝涓庝紬涓嶅悓銆傛礂鍙戜箣鍓嶏紝浼氭湁涓撲笟鐨勮偐棰堟寜鎽╄鎮ㄥ叏韬績鏂规澗鑷垜锛屽ご鐨埉鐥э紝澶寸毊鎸夋懇涔熸槸涓轰簡杈惧埌缂撹В鍘嬪姏鐨勫姛鏁堛傛潵鍒伴噸閬撶殑椤惧锛屽彲浠ュ湪绛夊欐湡闂达紝鍠濈潃杩欓噷鐨勮嚜璋冮ギ鏂欐垨娲嬮厭锛屼紤闂插尯钀ラ犱簡瀹剁殑鎰熻銆傝岃繖閲屾墍鏈夌殑閫犲瀷甯堥兘甯呮皵鏈夊瀷锛屽彧浼氫负鎮ㄦ彁渚涙渶涓撲笟鐨勫舰璞℃敼鍙樻剰瑙侊紝璁╂偍鐪熸浜嗚В浠涔堟墠鏄渶閫傚悎鑷繁鐨勩傛墍浠ワ紝鏉ュ埌閲嶉亾閫犲瀷锛岀浉淇℃偍浼氬彂鐜版渶瀹岀編鐨勮嚜宸憋紒

It took Ovais Javed and his partners about five and six years creating and building the China Road brand. This five years include finding people who can work with them for a long term, giving them training, and sharpening their craft.

Finally, after years of team-building, China Road Beauty Salon opened its Kunming Lu branch last month (June 15, 2013). Two other China Road salons will open soon, one of which will open next month and another one at the university area (Nankai and Tianjin University) later this year. In essence, China Road’s vision is creating a kind of culture in their beauty salons – a culture where customers feel the welcoming atmosphere of friendliness and care. As the salon has enough space to move around in their fancy furnitures and comfortable seats, it gives one a calm effect, different from other salons in Tianjin where you notice busy staff trying to get around messy furnitures in small floor space.  Here, customers receive full attention and priority. Your relaxation comes first, thus, you can enjoy sipping a glass of orange juice while your hair is being done, or better yet, you may make use of the salon’s I-Pad and check your e-mail. Yes, this salon is also spiffy like that!

In China Road, you not only get the best service for your hair but also for your general appearance as the salon has a resident image consultants and fashion designers ready to give you advice on a hairstyle that looks good on you or on what kind of clothes goes well on your personality or on a certain occasion where you’re attending. Not only that, a make-up artist can help you nail the look you want and at China Road, your “dream look” will surely be granted.

Should you feel stressed for the day and just want a relaxing space to clear your head, consider China Road as one of the options to go to. You may not need anything big like a perm or shorter do but shampooing your hair at China Road will do as it consists of generous time of back and neck massage before they wash and apply heavenly shampoo on your hair. Before you know it, you have dozed off as applying shampoo also includes a relaxing head massage. Just a perfect way to take all the stress away!

Tianjin Plus speaks with two of China Road’s key people, Mr. Ovais Javed and Mr. A Tao, to tell us more about this newest beauty salon in Tianjin.


Ovais Javed




With Tianjin’s development, there are so many kinds of businesses that you can open. What made you decide to choose a cosmetology and fashion business like China Road?

Chinese people like to groom themselves. I have noticed in the last 5-6 years that Chinese people put a lot of attention on their physical appearance, on how they look with their hair, their skin, and what they’re wearing. They really like to look smarter and I thought that this kind of business is a really good opportunity here. Now, the people of Tianjin are starting to get into fashion and style. They’re catching up and they start to wear the style they want. Before, there is a certain style that’s fashionable and everybody runs for it. Now, people of Tianjin start to think about the style that suits them and this is a great thing and a wonderful opportunity. We are not only bringing sense of fashion to Tianjin but also helping people realize the style that they want for themselves and this is the kind of “culture” that China Road is bringing.

So tell us about this place?

For one, this is a hair salon. You can come here for a haircut, hair perming, or hair colouring and styling. And also, you can come here for grooming yourself, for fashion and image consultation and make up. Our brand, China Road, is more for bringing social and cultural values. It’s also about fashion and service. When you come here, we don’t only offer to you hair service, you can also learn something. You can learn about the Chinese tea here or the Chinese tea culture, then the wine culture, and more. It’s not only about commercial gains but more on developing the culture. We don’t want so many people in this place, we are more into giving a cosy and relaxing environment for our customers. When you come here, you don’t see someone forcing you to buy a membership card. We want people to come here and enjoy the environment, relaxation, and great service. Plus, we also want them to know what’s suitable for them, what fits their personality or characteristic.

Are you also planning to do some events in this place?

Yes, we are also planning to do some events like some professional hair shows, fashion shows, and in the near future our goal is to have more cultural events happening in this place.


A Tao

Image Consultant and Chief Hairstylist



What kind of service do you give?

On the hairstyle, I give suggestions on what is good for you or on what is a fashionable hairstyle that fits your personality. On image consulting, I help people find the right style for them, on what suits their personality, as well as the right colour and texture of their dress or outfit. I do this for both men and women.

How long have you been doing this? 

I’ve been doing this for the past 5 years. I even went to Japan to study fashion and image consulting.

What makes this salon different from the other salons in Tianjin?

All the artists here can do what other salons can do but our main specialty is that we give personalized service and suggestions for your skin, for the shape of your face, for your personality, and more. We are unique in this way. We give great priority on our customers.

How’s the salon doing so far?

So far so good. We have satisfied customers with good feedback and in the coming months we will surely do our best to give perfect service for our salon goers.



China Road Beauty Salon 閲嶉亾閫犲瀷

Address:  Room 201, 2F, Commercial Site, Jinde Yuan, Crossing of Kunming Lu and Lanzhou Dao, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖烘槅鏄庤矾涓庡叞宸為亾浜ゅ彛閲戝痉鍥簳鍟2妤201瀹

Call: +86 22 5835 5323 (reservation) or +86 137 8010 0606 at A Tao (Chinese)

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