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Maserati Metropolitan Polo Classic 2013
“2013鐜涜帋鎷夎拏鐜簹椹悆缁忓吀璧” 浜2013骞6鏈9鏃ヨ嚦12鏃ョ鍗堜匠鑺傛湡闂翠妇琛屻傜敱澶╂触鐜簹鍥介檯椹悆浼氫妇鍔炵殑2013鐜涜帋鎷夎拏鐜簹椹悆缁忓吀璧涚骇鍒珮杈24绾э紝涓哄叏鐞冩渶楂樿鏍肩殑椹悆璧涗簨涔嬩竴锛涚悆鎵嬪潎鏉ヨ嚜椹悆寮哄浗濡傞樋鏍瑰环銆佹櫤鍒┿佽嫳鏍煎叞銆佹剰澶у埄銆佹柊瑗垮叞鍜岃タ鐝墮锛屽嚭璧涚殑钁楀悕鐞冩槦鍖呮嫭Tomas Pieres鍜孲abastion Harriott 绛夌瓑銆傝禌浜嬮櫎浜嗙敱涓栫晫绾ц豹鍗庢苯杞﹀搧鐗岀帥鑾庢媺钂傚啝鍚嶈禐鍔╀箣澶栵紝鍚勫弬璧涢槦浼嶄害鍒嗗埆鐢卞偛瑙嗗悓渚殑鍝佺墝璧炲姪锛屽寘鎷帥鑾庢媺钂傘丗ICOFI銆丗IPA GROUP鍙婂瘜鍥介珮閾讹紝涓鸿吹瀹剧紨閫犳棤涓庝鸡姣旂殑椹悆浣撻獙銆傜璐虹帥鑾庢媺钂傞槦鍙栧緱鍐犲啗锛
The “Maserati Metropolitan Polo Classic 2013” final match was played on 12 June at Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Cub. Team Maserati prevailed against Team Fortune Heights, winning 8 goals to 6.
Four invited teams, sponsored by Maserati, FICOFI, FIPA GROUP and Fortune Heights were invited to play in this year’s tournament. The teams consisted of world-class players from Argentina, Chile, England, Italy, New Zealand and Spain, and included celebrated names from distinguished polo families, such as Tomas Pieres and Sebastian Harriott. Each team played with a 24-goal handicap, which establishes this tournament as the highest level invitational tournament ever played in China, and also places Tianjin in a prominent position on the world polo calendar. 
 The first day’s match, between Team FICOFI and Team Fortune Heights, was on 9 June. With an unusual rain shower just before the game, there was some concern among the spectators that the match would be delayed. This concern was soon dispelled with the teams galloping onto the field unperturbed and eager to initiate play. Tommy Wilson, a 7-goal player for Team Fortune Heights, used to play at top clubs in the UK and laughed at the thought of playing in the rain. He pointed out “In the UK, this would just be a typical day for polo… I’ve played in much worse weather.” 
Interviewed after the match, Fortune Heights’ top scorers Tommy Wilson and John Fisher both remarked on the impressive quality of play both teams had demonstrated, noting that at 19 total goals scored, the match had been a tense and exciting challenge for all the players. Tommy Wilson remarked, “It is polo at this level that makes people want to travel thousands of miles to participate…although very new, the Goldin Group has created a club here that is truly first class among the world’s top clubs, and which is on a level that is appropriate for hosting the elite among the world polo community.”
Team Maserati’s Matias Zavaleta, a seasoned 7-goal player from Argentina, expressed his happiness at the outcome of the match, remarking, “We have been made so welcome here in Tianjin. Rarely have we seen a polo club with facilities like these, we have enjoyed both polo and luxury living during our stay here”.
The final match was attended by a select group of international sponsors, Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club members and invited guests.  The award ceremony was held on the polo field immediately after the game, with a representative of Maserati presenting the winning team with the Maserati Metropolitan Polo Classic Cup.
There was a jubilant atmosphere as the celebratory champagne was opened and passed around the guests who had viewed the match from the exclusive Maserati automobile owner’s marquee.  The beautiful Ms Wang Qing, who has recently purchased a Maserati Quattroporte, gave her opinion on the tournament, “It has been a very enjoyable 4-days, I love the beauty of the horses and I have been learning to ride myself. I think polo is really all about the luxury lifestyle, but it is a subdued luxury, self-confident and not brash.  I think this is also true of Maserati, it is a luxury car I can drive every day, appreciating its beauty, but not showing off… Because it is a 4-door, it is also practical; for example, my 4-year-old son can sit in the back when we go to our riding lessons together.  He has been riding for 2 years now, and already I think he is a better rider than me.” Ms Wang Qing was introduced to the Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club by Tianjin Maserati, and is considering becoming a full member in order that her family can start living the polo lifestyle. 
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