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My Style Notes - Men - Summer Essentials


Wardrobe staples every guy needs. 

(1) One of the good things about summer is that getting dressed up is so practical and easy. Guys don’t need much but there are some items that you definitely need in order to be ready for any occasion. These are versatile pieces that work in summer holidays and can make their way into your everyday office uniform.


(2) Linen Jacket

One of the most important items for an adult wardrobe is a sport jacket. They are essential for the office, impressive for dates and perfect for feeling smart any day. A man’s best blazer has to be one that “really” fits, and although it doesn't need to be custom like a smart suit, the blazer needs to have some details that flatters and highlight your shoulders and waist. You need to find which qualities you prefer in your sport coat; peak label, one vent or two, double or single breast, how many buttons and once you have established this you can have some fun choosing different materials and colours. 

The linen Jacket is a favourite for summer. Linen is a material that lets your skin breath and you can choose beautiful summer colours, after basic navy you can fill your wardrobe with some seasonal colours. You don’t need an eccentric sense of style to pull this look off—just keep things simple. Layer your blazer over a classic dress shirt, your favourite jeans and some suede slippers.


(3) Belt

When it comes to men’s style, there aren’t many opportunities to inject a little personality, but choosing a belt is the easiest way to incorporate a little character into your look. Maybe you think that nobody pays attention to the belt? It is something black or brown which serves to keep your trousers in place. But this is not true! Choosing a good and original belt can make the difference. 

A cool woven option goes great with chinos, while a colourful sporty style looks good with shorts. Even for smart occasions you can get more adventurous by choosing a stripy leather belt as this one by Paul Smith. 


(4) Chinos

While men uniform usually consist on a favourite T-shirt and jeans, adding some cotton chinos occasionally will spice things up. The chinos are cooler than your jeans and one step more formal than the lightweight linen trousers, giving you structure without being suffocated in summer month. Apart of the classic kaki one, you can choose slim chinos, colourful chinos in summer shades, or the short option for more laid back occasions. 


(5) Summer Shoes



Most guys will say that in the warmer months you can get away with wearing a boat shoe with almost anything. Think of the boat shoe as your all weathers, all weekend, and after-hours shoe; and most important, no socks are required. You can pair them with almost everything and you can wear them even at the beach. This summer, canvas slips-on have a similar purpose, they look great for casual occasions, they are super comfortable and look great with shorts and beach wear. Woven sandals look good (on and off the water) with crisp khaki shorts and flip flops are the best options for holidays and lazy Sundays, from classic havaianas to some leather ones. 

Of course, sneakers are still the most popular shoe option for men, and they are having a big moment lately. All the designers are launching their signature sneakers that will make your old-classic look boring by comparison. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to be described as one thing: super stylish!

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