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IST's End of Year Celebration
On 5 June, the International School of Tianjin celebrated the end of the 2012-13 school year with a big year end celebration and barbeque. The students displayed their dedication to improving the community through a large all day festival dubbed IST's 2013 Farmer's Market and International Community Festival. Every student at IST must join a community service group of their choice where they can get involved in helping to improve the local community. Some students worked with a local animal rescue shelter, others spent time with cancer patients, while some used the time to help improve the local environment. The Farmer's Market represented a culmination of the hard work and sweat which the students put into their community service projects. At the market each community service group set up an individual tent where they sold various environmentally friendly products that they themselves produced in order to raise money for different charities. 
At the same time, the celebration also doubled as a chance for students to showcase their hard work towards achieving the bronze level of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. The award is made up of three levels; bronze, silver and gold, and also four domains; skill, service, physical recreation and adventure journey/expedition. This after skill activity's purpose is to help young people set and obtain goals, develop life skills, make a positive impact in the community, find adventure, and have life changing experiences. One student, Nicole Wrentham, whose work was most prominently displayed, created a colourful mural to help brighten the school's appearance whilst fulfilling her service component. She spoke proudly of her and her peers' works saying that the celebration was a great opportunity to showcase what everyone has been able to accomplish this school year. 
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