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Yellow River Noodles: Xi鈥檃n Style Xiaochi



This hole-in-the-wall Shaanxi eatery inside the Worker’s Stadium serves up unapologetically heavy dishes, full of fat-flecked, juicy meats, veggies doused in vinegar, and savoury noodles brimming with kitchen leftovers. Don’t let the street-food-esque presentation put you off, however; these dishes employ some seriously addictive flavours. Think carbs and fats. 

While ordering is made a bit of a hassle due to a Chinese-only menu posted up on the wall, there are luckily a bevy of pictures behind the counter. Point at what appeals and the staff will ring it up and bring it out in a matter of minutes- depending, of course, on the size of the crowds. Order the liangpi noodles with a tangy, slightly spicy sauce with a speckle of sliced vegetables and cubed gluten, or try the lovely hand-pulled saozimian that has a distinct sour flavour with plenty of sliced carrot and potatoes. 

Yellow River’s roujiamou—or more fancifully, a Chinese-style hamburger—is particularly popular. Chunks of juicy pork dotted with hot peppers are stuffed between two pieces of flatbread. Despite the juices flowing from the filling, the pillowy bread never gets too soggy, but holds together well. 

Shaanxi cuisine makes extensive use of pork, but lamb also appears in the menu due to the influence of the local Hui Muslims. The premier dish is the yangroupaomo, which is a savoury soup made from lamb and chunks of flatbread. But be warned, this giant bowl needs several diners to have any hope of finishing it. Solo eaters or couples may want to consider ordering the mouth-wateringly succulent lamb kebobs (yangrouchuan’r) instead. 

Yellow River Noodles are ridiculously cheap. Expect to pay CNY 30-40 each for a meal. The restaurant itself is open 24 hours, which is a smart move, considering the amount of bars in the vicinity. If you are planning on a night of clubbing in Sanlitun, refuel at Yellow River—it will keep you going until dawn. 



What: Yellow River Noodles/榛勬渤姘撮檿瑗垮皬鍚

Where: Inside East Gate of Workers Stadium/宸ヤ汉浣撹偛鍦轰笢闂ㄥ唴 

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