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This is How China Rocks! Tiger Beer鈥檚 Search for Best Rock Band 2013
6鏈7鏃ワ紝铏庣墝鍟ら厭“铏庣墝涔愰槦榫欒檸姒 2013”姝e紡寮璧涳紒鍙傝禌鍩庡競閬嶅強鍏ㄥ浗鍚勫湴鐨勫崄涓涓煄甯傦紝澶╂触鐨勬壙鍔炲湴鐐瑰寘鎷綅浜庢渤涓滃尯鏂板紑璺殑鍚庡贩閰掑惂锛屽娌界殑闈掑勾闊充箰閰掑惂锛屼互鍙婃剰澶у埄椋庢儏琛楃殑13Club閰掑惂銆傝繖浜涘弬璧涢夋墜涔嬩腑鏈缁堝彧鏈変竴涓箰闃熻兘浠h〃澶╂触璧涘尯鍙傚姞鍏ㄥ浗鐨勬瘮璧涳紝灞婃椂浼氬拰鍖椾含銆佸父宸炵殑浼樿儨鑰呬簤澶哄寳閮ㄩ夊尯鐨勮耽瀹躲傛触鍝佺敓娲绘潅蹇椾綔涓哄ぉ娲ヨ禌鍖哄悎浣滃獟浣擄紝缂栬緫鍥㈤槦涔熷弬涓庡叾涓傛湰鏂囦粙缁嶇殑鏄“涔愰槦榫欒檸姒 2013”鍚庡贩閰掑惂鍒濊禌銆傛墍鏈夊弬璧涢夋墜鏃㈠叴濂嬪張绱у紶锛岀櫥鍙板悗锛屼箰闃熸垚鍛樻縺鎯呭洓灏勩傛暣鏅氬洓涓憞婊氫箰闃熻繛鐣紨鍞憋紝鍏呭垎灞曠幇浜嗕粬浠秴寮虹殑闊充箰鎵嶈兘锛岄珮鍝佽川闊冲搷璁惧锛岃糠褰╃伅缁氫附鍛堢幇锛屾暣涓煶涔愪細鐜板満姘旀皼闈炲嚒銆傚彴涓嬬矇涓濇鍛奸泙璺冿紝鎵嬭垶瓒宠箞锛岃嚜鐢卞鏀撅紝杞绘澗鎰夋偊銆傛瘮璧涜鍒欐槸锛屾瘡涓箰闃熸紨鍞变笁鍒板洓棣栧弬璧涙洸鐩紝鎬诲叡涓嶈秴杩囧崄浜斿垎閽燂紝鐢辫浼楀拰浜斾綅璇勫鎶曠エ銆傝幏鑳滆呭皢浜庝竷鏈堜簲鏃ュ湪13閰掑惂鍙傚姞澶╂触閫夊尯鍐宠禌锛屼絾涓嶈鑳滆礋濡備綍锛岃繕鏄偅鍙ヨ瘽“鎽囨粴涓嶆”锛侊紒
7 June 2013 - You’ll have to find a small alley, then a wooden staircase that will bring you to Houxiang Bar where the current Battle of the Bands by Tiger Beer is happening. Houxiang Bar is located in Xinkai Lu of Hedong District, and tonight four bands are going to outperform each other, showing off great musicality, energy in live performance, and yes, rock star attitude. Houxiang, home to many of Tianjin’s local rock bands, houses high-quality sound equipment and lighting system making it a great venue for Tiger Beer’s search for Tianjin’s best rock band.
This is just the first qualifying round of Tiger Beer’s Battle of the Band in Tianjin and as you look at the rock band members waiting for the competition to start, you feel their excitement, although you also observe how dazed they are at what to expect; what will the five judges think of them? What will be the crowd’s reaction? Do they have what it takes? Will they make it to the next round? These questions seemed to cloud their heads. However, as Houxiang Bar turned on its stage light and the MC announced the official start of the competition, a breath of confidence was seen in the way they walked to the stage and bring in the rock sign to the waiting crowd.
Tiger Beer’s Battle of the Bands 2013 happens in 11 major cities nationwide – Tianjin, Beijing, Changzhou, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Haikou, Kunming, Changsha, and Fuzhou. In Tianjin, Battle of the Band competitions happen in Houxiang Bar in Hedong, Young Music Club in Tanggu, and 13 Club in the Italian Style Town, Nankai District. Only one band will emerge as the winner from Tianjin, which will then be facing the Beijing winner and the Changzhou winner for the Northern Division representative.
You might think that rock in China is still at its early stage, but you would be surprised at the mind-blowing performances they’re capable of showing. Houxiang Bar, for tonight’s qualifying round, has turned into a jungle filled with rock fans screaming, cheering, jumping, and waving “rock signs” with their right hand as bands outperform each other with intensity, passion, musicality, and a great degree of ease and liberation. Indeed, this is something you don’t see every day but Tiger Beer makes it possible.
Each band is allowed to perform 3 to 4 songs in not more than 15 minutes. While Tiger Beer and Houxing Bar provide the sound and lighting system, the band members themselves have to bring their own instruments like guitars, bass, keyboards, and so on. There were five judges for the competition while audience votes were also counted. The winning band will again compete on July 5, 2013 at 13 Club in Italian Style Town. There, the Tianjin representative will then be named.
Audiences, aside from a fantastic musical treat, also got to receive something from Tiger Beer as there were more than 30 people who received special prizes from the show’s lucky draw. As the night came to a close and the night’s winning band was announced, members from the four bands hugged, shook hands, and congratulated each other for a job well done. Of course, you’d see sad faces from the bands that didn’t win tonight but it was still a happy celebration as people lingered, talked, and even laughed. The winning band still has a long way to go as they will soon compete with other bands from all over Tianjin, but for sure, it was a good start!
Long live rock! Cheers and kudos, Tiger Beer!
(For further details and competition itinerary, check out Tiger Beer’s website –
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