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Hotel Indigo鈥檚 Blauer Engel and its Authentic German Flair



钃濆ぉ浣垮暏閰掑眿鏆ㄩ鍘 (Blauer Engel Beerhouse & Eatery) 浣嶄簬澶╂触娴锋渤鑻辫开鏍奸厭搴2鍙锋ゼ銆“钃濆ぉ浣”鐨勫悕瀛楁潵鑷涓閮ㄥ湪涓浗涓婃槧鐨勬湁澹板浗闄呯數褰——钁楀悕寰峰浗娴极缁忓吀鎬鏃х數褰便婅摑澶╀娇銆嬨傝繖閲屼腑澶栨梾瀹簯闆嗭紝鏄釜鏀炬澗搴﹀亣鐨勫ソ鍦版柟銆傞厭姘寸編椋熷彲璋撶嫭鍏风壒鑹诧紝鎻愪緵“鏅虹編绾㈠附”锛“寰峰浗鏁欏+灏忛害榛戝暏”绛夊浗闄呯洓鍚嶇簿鍝佸暏閰掞紝浠ュ強楗舵湁鎯呰叮鐨勯浮灏鹃厭銆傚ぇ鍘ㄧ児鍒剁殑缇庡懗锛岀粏鑷磋创蹇冿紝缁忓吀钀ュ吇銆傛瘡鍛ㄤ笁涓嬪崍5鐐瑰埌鍑屾櫒1鐐癸紝钃濆ぉ浣挎帹鍑轰簡“閲忚韩楂樺枬鍟ら厭”鐨勬椿鍔ㄣ傝摑澶╀娇杩樹负瀹汉鎻愪緵浼戦棽濞变箰鐨勭ぞ浜ゅ満鎵锛屽姞涓婁袱浣嶉┗鍞辨瓕鎵嬬殑婵鎯呮紨鍞憋紝浣挎偍鏁存櫄鎮犻棽鎯剰锛屽叾涔愭棤绌枫


True to the notion of bringing authentic German flair to Tianjin, Hotel Indigo’s Blauer Engel, named after the eponymous German movie, is a perfect after-work watering hole that gives a relaxing vibe and at the same time nostalgic feelings of classy old romantic movies that are both inspiring and breathtaking. With doors that open out to the street front, Blauer Engel’s location is an easily accessible venue for both locals and foreign hotel guests who want a fine place to loosen up and relax.


Hotel Indigo Tianjin Haihe, from IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), launched this first boutique beer house and eatery in December of last year. Located in its own German-style villa in the hotel complex, Blauer Engel takes its inspiration from both being in the Former German Concession in Tianjin and the first non-silent international movie to be screened in China.


Blauer Engel’s food and drinks menu present offerings which are uniquely-created for a boutique hotel’s elegant standard. Its beer selection, for example, features a number of changing and rotating funky international boutique beer brands that cannot be found anywhere else in Tianjin. Currently Blauer Engel features boutique beers such as Chimay Red Cap, a classic Belgium Trappist beer with a light amber colour and with notes of apricot and pear, and Franziskaner dunkel, a Bavarian classic created by a Franciscan friar in 1935, as well as Munchen Royal Draft and Tsing Tao Beer on tap. The blackboard next to the bar constantly changes the beer offerings so each visit is a unique one with the Blauer Engel team helping to pair the beers with the dishes of the day.


At the same time, there is also has a list of fun and cheeky cocktails designed exclusively for Blauer Engel that are created to get the pulse of Tianjin moving. Heidi’s Heels is a mix of premium chilled vodka, green apple and lavender honey, while the beer cocktail Habsburgs Honey is an old-fashioned lemonade mixed with honey and lager. The fabulous Rhine cooler, which is aimed at wine lovers, is made from a sumptuous Riesling, hand pressed grapefruit and pineapple juice and old fashioned lemonade.


Food in Blauer Engel also has a traditional German feel to it, with Executive Chef creating sumptuous, hearty and classic dishes. The menu includes must-try dishes like Wurstplatte f眉r 2 Personen, a platter of Bratwurst, Knackwurst, N眉rnberger and smoked sausage served with German-style fried onions and mushrooms with a selection of mustards. The Gulasch mit Serviettenkn枚del is also one of the signature dishes on the menu- featuring braised beef in rich gravy served with bread dumplings and a mixed salad. For dessert, the wonder of Schwarzwald Becher is bound to leave you craving for more of its sweetness. It is Black Forrest cake with liqueur soaked cherries, chocolate ice cream and fresh cream. Truly a perfect indulgence that is set to become a part of Tianjin’s dining map!


Blauer Engel also gives out seasonal and regular promotions for ultimate guest satisfaction. For its regular promotions, “Relax O’clock” which happens from 5pm-8pm daily, is the best way to wind down after a day’s work with a buy-one-take-one promotion on beers. While you may “pay your height in beer” promotion happens every Wednesday from 5pm to 1am. The concept of this promotion means that if your height is 160cm, for example, then you pay CNY 160 for free flow of selected German and international award winning beers like Heineken, Corona, Hoegaarden, Boddingtons, Asahi, Muncheon Royal Draft and Tsingtao Draft. The Blauer Engel team also throws in a snack buffet that includes chips, popcorn, green beans, fresh fruits, to name a few. 


Ideal for private and exclusive events, Blauer Engel can host up to a hundred people across its two floors. It also offers a large cinema screen and full AV and entertainment facilities, making it a great location for corporate and social gatherings. And finally, after all this long list of splendid qualities, it also houses a live acoustic duo who are sure to serenade guests with their own rendition of popular romantic tunes – Desperado, Yesterday, Nothing’s Gonna Change (My Love for You), Moon River, and many more ballads bent on making hearts swoon. 


(Blauer Engel opens daily from 5pm until 1am at Hotel Indigo Tianjin Haihe, No. 314, Jiefang South Road, Hexi District 娌宠タ鍖鸿В鏀惧崡璺314鍙峰ぉ娲ユ捣娌宠嫳杩牸閰掑簵. Tel: +86 22 8832 8888 ext.8999)




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