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 Liu Liu,32 years old

An art instructor at Tianjin Polytechnic University and art teacher in Global Art School in Greece


Where do you love to spend your kuais at night? 

Lao Li Shaguo, because it is my favourite restaurant. There are so many nice restaurants in Tianjin but not much choice in terms of bars.


Where do you go out on Friday or Saturday nights?

AJO Bar since they have my favourite beer -- Edinger.  I also like Meshany Bar because I usually like small bars. Meshany has a smaller space than Helen’s and has cheap beer. For good live music, I go to 13 Club. Chateau 35 is great for when you wanted a quieter place to chat in their small yard and good ambience, and Perfect Day Café is the best place to hang out with friends.


The perfect spot in Tianjin?

Sitong Club is where you can fish for girls or boys inside. For students though, the perfect spot is Helen’s. If one is interested in Chinese culture (not just Chinese girls), it’s  better to get up early  and go to the park, do exercise with the old people and join their group. This is the most interesting part of Tianjin, not the bars.


What do you think is the perfect place to bring a date?

My boyfriend and I like to hang out at a rock or metal bar, but it seems that there is nowhere we could go in Tianjin.


Worst and best about Tianjin?

The best, well, I am a local and I can say Tianjin locals have a lot of fun. If you know Chinese well enough you can have a lot of fun talking with the locals here. The city is not too big and not too small so it is convenient to do everything. If you don’t have a special hobby, just a middle class guy who likes to have a family and bring up kids, it is the best city to live in China. The worst about Tianjin, if you don’t feel good in this city it just means you have to find a new place to live.


Any advice to Tianjin newcomers?

Any city in the world has something you may like or hate; this includes your own hometown. Relax, be with people you like and stay away from the people you don’t like. That’s it. It’s not easy living in another country but if you love the place you could stay. If not, it is better to leave than complain about your life again and again.



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