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Top Ten Things to do in Tianjin This Summer




As the mercury rises and the sweat drops, be sure to take advantage of the great summer weather by being outside and soaking up the sun. Below is a list of 10 things (in no particular order) to do around the city recommended by the experts at Tianjin Plus Magazine. 


1) Happy Valley Tianjin 

Opening this summer at the Dongli Lake Hot Spring Resort, Tianjin Happy Valley promises to give adrenaline junkies their fix on a number of different rides including China's longest and tallest roller coaster and China's first roller coaster in total darkness. The park will also feature a water amusement section that will include a 5000 square metre wave pool and underwater roller coaster- perfect for cooling off during those hot and humid summer days. 


2) A Walk in the Park

The Water Park (姘翠笂鍏洯), downtown Tianjin's largest and most beautiful park, is a great place to spend the whole day. This massive park, covering an area of 126 hectares, consists of nine islands and three lakes. Throughout the park you can find lush vegetation, pagodas, gardens and exquisite views. The park is also home to a children's amusement park, row boats for hire and the Tianjin Zoo. When you go, why not pack a lunch and have a picnic in the park?


3) The Haihe River at Night 

One of the most beautiful sites in the city is along the Hai River in the evening. It is an amazing experience to see the Tianjin skyline, with its mixture of modern skyscrapers and traditional European architecture, lit up whilst feeling a cool evening breeze by the river. The best way to take in all the sites and sensations is to hop aboard one of the Hai River night cruises.  Hop on a ferry from one of the three wharfs on the river; Tianjin Railway Station wharf, Ancient Cultural Street wharf, or Dabei Temple wharf. The cruises last for about an hour and you can catch a ferry during the day or in the evening between the hours of 9:00 and 21:00.  


4) Dining Al Fresco in the Italian Concession Area

The Italian Concession Area is home to the city’s finest foreign restaurants and is considered by many to be the most romantic spot in Tianjin. As proof, if you go during the day, you will almost always see young Chinese couples having their wedding photos taken there. If you really want to impress a date or have a big night out on the town, what better way to start the night off then with dinner and drinks while people watching in this historic area. 


5) Watch a blockbuster at an IMAX theatre

When the weather gets too hot to bare, why not cool off indoors and watch a summer blockbuster flick锛烼here are a number of big films coming out this summer (which ones will actually get a summer release in China is a whole other story) such as Star Trek 2, The Hangover 3, Man of Steel, World War Z, and The Wolverine to name a few. With IMAX theatres located all around the city, make sure you catch the summer's hottest movies under the best conditions. 


6) Go to the Manmade Beach

If chilling on the beach and working on your tan is your favourite way to spend the summer, then head over to Dongjiang Bay Beach. Located about 25km north of Tanggu, this manmade beach in the tourism and leisure zone of Dongjaing Port Area has a great number of activities and amenities including a yacht club, five star hotels, swimming pool, volleyball, jet skis, and more. In order to get there you will need to take line 9 to Tanggu, and then take public bus 513 to Dongjiang Bay Beach (涓滅枂婀鹃噾娌欐哗). The beach is open from 8:30 until 18:00 and costs RMB 50 to enter. 


7) BBQ and Beer

For a lot of expats, summertime is usually synonymous with drinking ice cold beer and eating barbecue food. In China you can carry on this tradition at one of the many shaokao 锛堢儳鐑わ級vendors that pop up during the summer.  They will often provide little stools and tables for you to enjoy your barbecued delights. If you are having trouble finding a good barbecue joint, we suggest checking out Wandezhuang Dajie (涓囧痉搴勫ぇ琛) behind Haiguangsi. If you don't want to drink Harbin or Qingdao, plan ahead and grab a cooler filled with some cold imported beers.


8) Beer Festival

For a city of its size, Tianjin is severely lacking when it comes to festivals and exhibitions. However, there is one notable festival every summer, the Tianjin Beer Festival. This year the festival will run from July 28 until August 8 at Dongli Lake and is a great venue to enjoy an evening of drinking beer, trying different snacks, and taking in a number of different performances.   


9) Cool off at a Water Theme Park

One of the most fun ways to cool off in summer is to go to a water park and relax on a drift river or by keeping afloat in a wave pool. This summer there are a couple of new options to choose from when planning your water park excursion. First is the Rice Cube Sea World Water Park which is due to open in July at Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District. The second option is Tianjin's Happy Magic Water Cube which will open at the beginning of June in Binhai New District. 


10) Spending the day at the Tianjin Cultural Centre

The Tianjin Cultural Centre (澶╂触鏂囧寲涓績), which opened last summer to tourists, is an absolutely stunningly destination. If you want to learn more about the city, bring your passport and enjoy free entry into the Tianjin Museum. Whilst there you can also visit the Tianjin Art Gallery for free, as well as the Tianjin Natural History Museum, Tianjin Library Sunshine Park, Science and Technology Museum, Tianjin Grand Theatre, and do some high end shopping at the Galaxy Mall. In the middle of the Cultural Centre you will find a giant artificial lake with sophisticated musical fountains that can shoot water up to heights of 30 meters.



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