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Jimmy Choo鏄懆浠版澃浠ュ強浠ヤ粬鑻辨枃鍚嶅懡鍚嶇殑闂诲悕涓栫晫鐨勮嫳鍥芥椂灏氶瀷瀛愬ア渚堝搧鐗屻傞櫎浜嗛瀷瀛愶紝Jimmy Choo杩樼粡钀ュ寘琚嬨侀姘寸瓑浜у搧銆傝繖涓搧鐗屽彈鍒拌澶氬ぇ鐗屾槑鏄熺殑浜茬潗锛屽叾涓寘鎷淮澶氬埄浜•璐濆厠姹夊锛屽綋绾㈠コ姝屾墜钑惧搱濞滃拰鍑拏•浣╅噷銆傞摱娌冲浗闄呰喘鐗╀腑蹇冪殑Jimmy Choo鎻愪緵澶氱鍟嗗搧渚涙偍閫夋嫨銆傚湪杩欎釜鐐庣値澶忓锛岄瀷瀛愭椂灏氱殑榄呭姏鏃犻檺锛屽噯澶囧ソ杩庢帴杩欏満缁堟瀬鐨勭洓瀹村惂锛佹按鏅堕摱璐ㄧ殑灏忛拤瀛愰グ鍝佽闉嬪瓙鐨勬暣浣撳憟鐜板甫鏈夋憞婊氶鐨勫叕涓绘皵鎭紱杩蜂綘鐗堟墜鎶撳寘楗板搧鍙婂叾鍚稿紩鐪肩悆锛涢瀷闈㈢┛瀛旂郴鍒楀噳闉嬬獊鏄炬臣杈o紝涓у崄瓒炽


1 Jimmy Choo is a British high fashion house specialising in luxury shoes, designer bags and accessories. The company was founded in 1996 by couture shoe designer Jimmy Choo and Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon. The brand became very famous after being worn by many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Katy Perry, but his name was known by any fashionista after the popular series Sex and the city, as “the” Jimmy Choos were Carrie Bradshaw’s most precious item, she wore them in the presentation season, after season, and even on her wedding day. 


2 Many of Jimmy Choo’s models have become fashion icons, so popular that people see them like pieces of art, some of them so classic that they come back season after season for their clients. In 2009, Jimmy Choo collaborated with popular H&M by designing a gorgeous collection that was sold out in seconds. 


3 A Jimmy Choo store just opened in the Galaxy Mall with plenty of options to choose from or take inspirations. Get ready for this season’s glamorous events with the ultimate shoe designs. 


4 Clusters of crystals or silver micro studs create the perfect flat for a princess with a rock ’n roll attitude. You can find minimalist clutches with an assortment of eye catching finishes


5 Iconic evening pumps enriched with embellishments, crystals and metallic finishes are the must have for after-dark glamour


6 Laser cut perforations give these glamorous sandals an edgy look 


7 This season famous sneakers are available in high quality materials.


Jimmy Choo


Address: 1F, Galaxy International Shopping Mall, Tianjin Cultural Centre, Leyuan Dao, Hexi District 娌宠タ鍖轰箰鍥亾澶╂触鏂囧寲涓績閾舵渤鍥介檯璐墿涓績1妤


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