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$Change$ for Change



In a move to make the International School of Tianjin a greener, cleaner environment, the Community and Service Group (CAG) and the Climate Action Generation Group has begun a new initiative to raise money to build a greenhouse.


“Change for Change,” is an opportunity for the IST community to help raise funds and be part of the change. Parents, students and staff are invited to gather all of their loose change or any money they can spare and place it in the coin box that is decorated in their House colours.


Each House then has the opportunity to be the winning house in 2 categories; the House with the heaviest box and the House that raises the most money. The winning House will be announced at the IST Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, 5 June. The house that donates the most money will have their names permanently displayed in the Greenhouse. Money can be donated at anytime, including during the Farmer’s Market. So far the Fire House has a very heavy box, so Water, Wind and Earth need to start emptying their pockets, looking down the side of the sofa and bringing all change down to their House boxes for a greener IST!


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