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‘2041: Saving the Earth’s Last Wilderness’



On 5 June, 2013 from 10:45am to 1:45pm, the International School of Tianjin will host a Farmers Market and International Community Festival with the theme of ‘2041: Saving the Earth’s Last Wilderness’. 


The festival is following on from a visit by Robert Swan in November, where he inspired our community to take action, and set a challenge to help save Antarctica by honouring the 2041 treaty. Not only did he motivate us to create a ‘green classroom at IST’, he also invited us to sponsor a teacher to go to Antarctica and experience firsthand the beauty of this wilderness. By doing this, Mr. Swan gave IST a direct link to supporting the treaty and an opportunity for our community to make a global impact. This school-wide initiative has become a great way for our school to help save Antarctica, and other sites around the world, on a global scale. 


IST’s Nursery, Kindergarten and Grade 1 students have already contributed to the cause by having a ‘Fun-on-Wheels’ event and raising thousands of RMB. Similarly, the Grade 2 to 5 students have contributed in a major way by hosting a ‘Walk-a-Thon’ around the school, also raising thousands of RMB through sponsorship. The elementary students have also designed products to be sold at our annual farmers market and international community festival, such as renewable shopping bags and water bottles.


Grades 6 to 10 students continue to diligently prepare for the Farmers Market and International Community Festival through work done in their MYP Community and Service groups. Many of the students have created products and awareness campaigns that will be presented at the market. All of the groups have used the sustainable thinking ‘Compass’ model to think from the perspective of not just Nature, but also Society, Economy and Well-being. 


Finally, Grades 11 and 12 students have both planned and designed events for the Farmers Market and International Community Festival, including market maps, finance, stall design, business contacts, publications and other related activities. 


Planning for IST’s 2013 Farmers Market and International Community Festival, with the theme of ‘2041: Saving Earth’s Last Wilderness’ has been truly motivational as a community-wide effort in supporting ways to save the Earth as a whole.


Please consider joining the IST community in helping make contributions towards ‘2041: Saving Earth’s Last Wilderness’, and to help us build our ‘green classroom’, a classroom operating entirely on renewable resources. 


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