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Argentine Tango in Tianjin




ATer Club鏄竴涓帹骞块樋鏍瑰环鎺㈡垐鑸炶箞鍜屼紶鎾樋鏍瑰环鎺㈡垐鏂囧寲涓哄畻鏃ㄧ殑闈炶惀鍒╂х粍缁囷紝鏄洰鍓嶅崕浜哄湴鍖烘渶鍏峰奖鍝嶅姏鐨勯樋鏍瑰环鎺㈡垐缁勭粐涔嬩竴銆傛潕钑惧コ澹(鍦堝唴鏄电ОDaidai)锛屾槸ATer Club鍒涘浜轰箣涓锛屼笓涓氭帰鎴堣垶鑰呫佹暀甯堛2006骞达紝鏉庤暰濂冲+鍦ㄥ寳浜崕浜虹ぞ鍖轰腑鎺ㄥ箍闃挎牴寤锋帰鎴堬紝浜2007骞3鏈堢粍寤轰簡绗竴涓樋鏍瑰环鎺㈡垐鐖卞ソ鑰呯粍缁——ATer锛屽苟浜2009骞6鏈6鏃ユ垚绔嬩簡ATer Club锛屽紑濮嬩簡姝h鐨勭郴缁熶弗璋ㄧ殑闃挎牴寤锋帰鎴堢殑鏁欏銆2013骞4鏈堬紝鍙楀ぉ娲ラ樋鏍瑰环鎺㈡垐鐖卞ソ鑰呯殑璇氭寶閭璇凤紝鏉ユ触寮璁句簡ATer Club鐨勫ぉ娲ュ垎鑸点傝繖涓鏈熸触鍝佺敓娲绘潅蹇楃紪杈戦噰璁夸簡鏉庤暰濂冲+锛屽氨鏄鍛婅瘔澶╂触鐨勮鑰呬竴涓ソ娑堟伅——鍦ㄥぉ娲ワ紝浣犱篃鍙互瀛︿範绾鐨勯樋鏍瑰环鎺㈡垐浜嗭紒


Argentine Tango is making huge waves in Beijing as locals and expats enjoy coming together for a time of fun and dancing. Behind this success is Ms. Li Lei, founder of ATer Club. She finally brings Argentine Tango to Tianjin and invites everyone to join this community of dance lovers. Here, Ms. Li Lei told Tianjin Plus about herself and her fascinating style of dance.


Firstly, please tell us about yourself.

It’s interesting because my major is chemistry and I’ve been a chemistry teacher for almost 15 years now. Dancing is my hobby and eventually I know I’ll have to make a career change to focus on it fulltime. I love modern dance, Salsa and Argentine Tango. However, my personality is still very traditional and so Argentine Tango works better for me. Salsa is generally an extrovert kind of dance while Tango is more for the introvert kind. In a way, Argentine Tango is more of a lifestyle as it has a very deep cultural background that somehow changed my life.


What originally attracted you to Argentine Tango?

At first, I regarded it as just a kind of dance that I wanted to try. Later, I became attracted to its origin and cultural background. Through Argentine Tango, I met different kinds of friends and I want to share that wonderful feeling of dancing this kind of dance with them. I like that it’s about dancing together with friends and sharing moments with them. The harmonious movements between partners make this dance very attractive.


Now, please tell us about ATer Club.

In 2007, ATer Club was just a community of expats and some locals in the embassy area who were interested in learning tango. ATer Club was established in 2009 when the group started going to Peking University, Tsinghua University and many other universities, and taught students this kind of dance for free. In that same year, we also started a formal curriculum to teach people the techniques of this dance.


Tell us about your students in Beijing.

My students come from all around the world. It feels good because some of them can dance to an advanced level. I have classes in Beijing every day and a few weeks ago, I started holding classes here in Tianjin every Wednesday evening.


What benefits do you get from founding this dance club?

I believe I have gained a lot of life lessons in forming this dance club. The fact that I have helped some girls in realising their beauty and self-worth, and for guys to get more confidence is already enough satisfaction.


Some people feel shy about dancing this kind of dance. What would you like to tell them? 

I understand that many Chinese people fear body closeness and contact, but it really is just the Western style of greeting. It’s common and there is no need for shyness!


Lastly, do you have any words for Tianjin Plus readers who might be interested in joining your club?

Come and join us! You can bring your friends or family to learn and dance with us. It is also a great way for you to socialise and make new friends. Who knows, you may be really good at this kind of dance and later on you can attend the annual Tango Dance Festival and meet people from different parts of the globe.


(For more information on ATer Club, visit at or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for requiring course arrangement.)

Classroom in Tianjin: Room 302, Tianjin Youth Palace, No. 18, Harbin Road, Heping District, Tianjin

Contact: +86 158 2219 3256 at Ms. Mei Juan

Classroom in Beijing: Room 303E, 3F, Huatsing Commercial Plaza, Haidian District, Beijing

Contact: +86 139 1080 7512 at Ms. Li Lei



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