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IST Tree Planting



On Friday, 12 April, the International school of Tianjin (IST) staff and students experienced a great opportunity by joining with other Tianjin communities in planting trees in Guang Gang Park in Da Gang District. As our bus arrived, we came out armed with shovels for digging, buckets for watering trees, gloves for preventing blisters, and lots of excitement to be working with others around Tianjin to help forest an area of barren land. As the students followed the IST flag towards our designated tree planting area, it became quickly apparent that several area schools were joining us in this important event. 


With flags flapping and a cool breeze blowing, IST students and staff, together, managed to plant much more than just our required number of trees in quite a short amount of time. In fact, our students volunteered to help other schools, with smaller children, to plant almost an additional 30 trees. 


This experience was not only great as a bonding moment for our students and staff, it helped us to meet others working on a community project to better the environments around Tianjin. Some of the officials represented at the tree planting were even able to show us where groves of trees, planted only three years ago, now have the potential of becoming a forest. 


Overall, it was truly a pleasurable and educational experience to work together, as a community, in helping to beautify our home here in China. 



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