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Marni鏄敱璁捐甯圕onsuelo Castiglioni濂冲+浜1994骞村垱绔嬬殑濂宠涓庨厤楗板搧鐗屻傜函绮圭殑濂㈠崕鎰熸槸Marni鎵鑷村姏鎵撻犵殑椋庢牸銆侻arni鐨勭幇浠g増鏈嶉グ瓒嬪悜鐗╄川锛岃疆寤撻矞鏄庯紝娣锋惌鑹插僵鐙叿鍖犲績鐨勫嵃鑺辨潗璐紝鍒涘缓浜嗙嫭涓鏃犱簩鐨勬垚琛f敹钘忔鏈嶈銆傚嵃鑺遍犲氨浜嗚繖涓搧鐗岋紝鏈杩戠殑鏀惰棌娆捐祴浜堜簡骞宠 鎰熴傝嚜2005骞磋捣锛孧arni涓庤壓鏈鍚堜綔锛岀嫭鍒涗簡鍗拌姳鍜屾彃鍥惧紡鏍锋湇瑁呮妸杩欎釜鍝佺墝鎵撻犳垚绫讳技鑹烘湳鍝佺殑鏀惰棌娆俱2013骞村瀛h锛孧arni鍜岃嵎鍏拌壓鏈娲涙郸•鑼•绫冲皵娲涘紑鍒涗簡鏂版鏈嶉グ锛屾妸椹达紝鑰佽檸锛岄功楣夛紝楦甸笩绛夊悇绉嶉噹鐢熷姩鐗╃殑鏂戠偣鍥炬鍗板埌T鎭よ~鍜岃儗鍖呬笂銆備粖骞存槬瀛f瑁呮瘮鍐娆捐鐣ユ樉娓呮柊銆佹磥鍑锛屽拰鍐鍘氶噸鐨勬湇楗板舰鎴愬弽宸紝淇濇寔浣庤皟鐨勮壊绯汇傞粦涓庣櫧鍗曡壊绯荤函鑹插锛屼笓娉ㄥ褰㈢殑鏈嶉グ銆


Iconic Luxury brand Marni was born in 1994. The designer, Consuelo Castiglioni, created eclectic women’s clothing and accessories brands. Consuelo’s modern approach to material and silhouette, mixing of colour, exclusive prints and textures has resulted in a unique, ready-to-wear collection. The prints made Marni’s name but the sense of proportion is playing a big game in the latest collections. 


Since 2005, Marni collaborates with artists to create unique prints and illustrations for the brand making the collection like a piece of art. The summer edition 2013 collection features a special collaboration with Dutch artist Rop van Mierlo, who created blotchy shapes of animals; a donkey, tiger, parrot and ostrich printed onto T-shirts and bags. These art works are part of the artist’s book called “wild animals”


This spring collection is fresher, cleaner and lighter than previous ones, making an impact with volume and keeping the colours low key. Monochrome black and white and solid-coloured outfits focused on pure shape. 


Graphic prints are still the brand signature, so there are plenty of bold prints, colourful checks, stunning florals and colours. 


Also infinitely worthy of mention are the playful shoe collection, with original flat sandals and metallic shades, and the jewellery- statement necklaces with colourful stones and ribbons.


Address: 1F, Galaxy International Shopping Mall, crossing of Leyuan Dao and Yuexiu Lu, Hexi District




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