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IST Celebrated the Earth Day



On 19 April, 2013, the International School of Tianjin celebrated Earth Day. Our theme for Earth day this year was ‘2041: Saving the Earth’s Last Wilderness’. This is following on from polar explorer and environmental activist Sir Robert Swan’s visit to IST in November, where he inspired our community to take action, and set a challenge to help save Antarctica by honouring the 2041 treaty. Not only did he inspire us to create a ‘green classroom at IST’, he also invited us to sponsor an adventure for one of our teacher’s to Antarctica in order to experience firsthand the beauty of this wilderness there. By doing this, we will have a direct link, to supporting the treaty and will offer an opportunity for IST to have a global impact. This is a school wide initiative and a great way for children of every age, in their own small way, to help save Antarctica. 


Earth Day 2013, with the theme of ‘2041: Saving Earth’s Last Wilderness’ was truly motivational as a community wide effort in supporting saving the Earth. Earth Day does not simply end with activities on the day every year. IST will continue its efforts through its commitments to sustainable thinking for years to come. 


The IST community and all people outside of IST may still make contributions to go towards helping a teacher get to Antarctica, and to help us build our ‘green classroom’, a classroom running entirely on renewable resources. 


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