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Get a Bite of This



A good burger holds its own on a long and fancy menu. 

So if it’s the satisfying feeling of a meal in a bun you’re after, sink your teeth into one of these.


The burger of all burgers


It’s long been known as “Beijing’s Best Burger”, and it sure lives up to the title. If there is a patty-heaven, then you’ve died and floated right up high with Maison Boulud’s DB Burger. 

Tucking into this, is like playing pass the parcel - constant excitement at what else could be in there. Lush wagyu-fat marinated beef coating around tender short-ribs, hugging at its core silky foie gras. Each bite oozes indulgence. Accompanying it are garlic and herb skinny fries, and a little horseradish. 

That’s not to mention that you are dining in the grand setting of high ceilings, dark wood panelling and marble stairways of the old American embassy nearby Tiananmen. It’ll be hard not to run with your animal instincts: paws on, tear, wolf down. But stay classy, this one deserves to be savoured. 


Maison Boulud 脿 P茅kin

Add: No. 23, Qianmen East Street, Dongcheng District 涓滃煄鍖哄墠闂ㄤ笢澶ц23鍙

Call: +86 10 6559 9200



Fire up at the Big Smoke


Welcome to a carnivore’s paradise. 

Rotisserie chicken, steak, apple wood smoked pork, rack of ribs, nine-hour braised lamb shanks…. You get the point. And of course, there’s the burger. 

Sitting atop the patty is a chunky breaded portobello mushroom, stuffed full with blue cheese. It’s hefty, it’s juicy, it’s creamy, and it’s pungent – not for the faint hearted. It really is a burst of flavours and textures.  

For an alternative bun, at lunch times there is also a delectable pulled pork sandwich. 

The sides certainly do not get overshadowed by the starring mains. The truffle fries are finger-licking addictive, dipped in chipotle sauce. And there’s rich macaroni cheese with truffle shavings, velvety mash, and less gut-busting options of root veggies and refreshing beetroot and goats cheese salad. 


And don’t forget, burgers are after all, a well-balanced meal! 


The Big Smoke

Add: No. 57, Xingfu Cun Zhong Lu, Chaoyang District 鏈濋槼鍖哄垢绂忔潙涓矾57鍙锋ゼ鍒╀笘妤

Call: +86 10 6416 5195







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