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French Dishes at Via Veneto in Yi Boutique Luxury Hotel Tianjin



The Yi Boutique Luxury Hotel Tianjin is a boutique hotel located in the Italian Style Town. Nickson Liu, chief chef at Via Veneto Cuisine and Lounge, who has been working at the Western kitchen for 18 years, has served many international hotels, such as Marriot, Starwood, Accor, Kempinski and Ramada. Nickson accepted the training needed to aquire the work and management skills of these hotels. He has a great range of experience in western a-la-carte, banqueting, cocktail receptions and western sausage making, and he is also good at kitchen cost control.


Chef Nickson Liu introduced 3 dishes, Prawn and Mango (澶ц櫨鑺掓灉), Crispy Apple Pie (閰ョ毊鑻规灉娲), Braised and Roasted Crocodile (槌勯奔鎵). Each of them had their own style and they are all nutritionally balanced. 


Prawn and Mango is nutritious and also contains some tropical fruits, a little olive oil, honey as well as garlic. Chef Nickson Liu explained to us that because the prawns are sea food, people may find them a bit oily, while honey overlaps the taste and beautifies the skins; honey’s sweetness creates a good mood too. It only costs CNY 138 to have a bite!


Crispy Apple Pie costs you CNY 88, and it is made from beef tallow flour which makes it easy to become crisped in the boiling oil. With several pieces of apple and crisped sugar placed in the pie, the facade of the dish seems to give a cubic effect. With ice-cream and crisped strawberry decorated beside the apple pie, the dish gives a sense of fulfilment on every level. According to the chef, the dish is most suitable to be tasted in the summer.


Braised Crocodile is fine to eat in every season, and the meat derived from 20 to 30 pounds of the crocodile’s leg is used for roasting and braising in order to bring out the meat’s flavour. The crocodile’s skin is full of collagen which is really wholesome, and is especially good for women’s skin. Sour and sweet cherry tomatoes are needed to mitigate the oily flavour of the crocodile. Beetroot are added to make sure that the colour of the dish is vivid. The price of Braised Crocodile is CNY 268.


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