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Another Tangla Treat



The Tangla hotel is host to the S贸U Restaurant, resting comfortably atop the hotel on the 49th floor, making it the highest restaurant in Tianjin. The S贸U restaurant has a sweeping panoramic view from which diners can survey Tianjin whilst enjoying the excellent food on offer. 


The 360 degree view highlights the international cuisine on offer, and the buffet style restaurant means that no matter how big your eyes are, they will never be too small for your stomach. When first walking in guests are greeted by a fresh seafood selection, consisting of live Boston lobster, crabs, oysters and other assorted seafood. The oysters from Dalian were especially fresh, as the seafood is imported on the day of use. 


The hotel also has a large range of Japanese food, including the delicious staples; sashimi and sushi, as well as the less seen teriyaki and tenpura, cooked in front of guests’ eyes by chefs stationed at each counter. This dedication to freshly cooked food means that the great flaw of buffet dining- food cooked en-masse and to low quality is completely avoided. This holds true for almost all the food made at S贸U, so whether you are ordering from the Chinese BBQ section or the Western delicacy area, the majority of your food on the dish will have been made just for you.


Another homemade treat awaiting guests at the S贸U is the homemade pizza. Definitely a cut above the rest, it is specially made and is served piping hot from the kitchen, so try to win the race and get a slice before it disappears!  


The atmosphere pushes the S贸U Restaurant to even greater heights. As you gaze over the vista of Tianjin at night the city comes alive, creating a laidback, romantic atmosphere which is perfect for dates. If your legs can manage another floor after gorging yourself, go to the Bar Blue, one floor up from the S贸U. It is perfect for an after dinner drink with friends.


The Sou restaurant is open from 17:30-21:30

For reservations call: +86 22 2321 5888 ext.5109

Address: 49F, Tangla Hotel Tianjin, No. 219, Nanjing Lu, Heping District 




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