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Cantonese Cuisine at its Very Best in Qing Wang Fu






Cantonese cooking has long topped the list of Chinese culinary styles for many of Tianjin’s expats. Ranging from the uniquely flavoured meat dishes to exquisite dim sum delights, it is hardly a surprise that many consider Cantonese cuisine to be the finest regional food in China. The good news for fans of this style is that Qing Wang Fu, which is also one of Tianjin’s most magnificent cultural sites, has just launched their Yum Cha menu. And luckily for us, the editorial team at Tianjin Plus were invited to an exclusive pre-launch taste testing!


‘Yum Cha’ literally translates from Cantonese as ‘drinking tea’. However, the phrase carries a specific cultural significance in Hong Kong and Guangzhou where it refers specifically to the tradition of enjoying morning tea with family, friends and colleagues. Therefore, stunning southern teas are intrinsic to Qing Wang Fu’s new Cantonese dining experience. The refreshing taste and the uplifting feel that one gets from sipping a cup or two of the venues finest brews gives you the perfect complement to the wonderful dishes.


In true Cantonese fashion, Qing Wang Fu’s master chef (who is also from Hong Kong) serves up a splendid variety of tasty treats that are sure to leave you begging for more. Some of the most exciting dishes on offer includes the Crispy Duck Cantonese Style, Chinese Egg Pancake with Bitter Melon and Shredded Pork, Three Flavour Chicken Taiwan Style and the Homemade Sour White Turnip. As for the dim sum selection, the Hong Kong Sausage Roll, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bamboo Shoots and Steamed Shao-Mai with Sliced Shrimp are particularly tasty. There is also a fantastic range of rice and noodle dishes that will keep you full for the rest of the day.


To add to the excitement of Cantonese dining at Qing Wang Fu, guests can enjoy these delicious dishes in the Portico, the venue’s stunning dining hall which was the setting for many a royal banquet in years gone by. The Yum Cha range is served between 11am and 2pm, and everyone in Tianjin is invited to come and enjoy one the city’s best working lunches!





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