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Chitchat - Alesia




25 years old Ukrainian student studying Chinese Language


Favourite restaurant:


I love Chateau 35, YY Beer Thai Restaurant and the Sakura Sushi Place.


Perfect place for a lively night out:


I like Q Bar at the Westin Hotel for its atmosphere, live band, and the best mojito in the city.


Which do you prefer to go out - Friday or Saturday night in Tianjin? 


Friday night because it’s the best time to relax after a hard working week. 


Perfect hangout for you and your friends:


We love visiting interesting places in Tianjin. We also do picnics or climb mountains, or just relax and visit the spa.


Favourite salon, spa, or hairdresser:


I like the spa at Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside, they don’t only have Chinese professionals but also foreigners. I also like a European hairdresser, not many people know about her, but her hair salon is behind T.G.I. Friday’s.


The perfect spot in Tianjin:


Most definitely Qing Wang Fu and the Wudadao area.


Which do you think is the perfect place to go with a date?


Italian Style Town is very romantic with a couple of good restaurants. However, the restaurant on the 40th floor of Tangla Hotel Tianjin is a must-visit if you are with your date. 


Advice to Tianjin newcomers:


Visit more cultural places, not only bars!


I love Tianjin because…


It’s a cosy and nice city and I have found good friends here.



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