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Julio Iglesias Received Well-Deserved Recognition in Beijing
In 1995, Julio Iglesias became the only foreign artist officially to have sold the most records in China and then became the first and only artist to ever receive an award from China’s Ministry of Culture. His music crosses borders as it touch the hearts of people from all walks of life, people from different cultures, and different generations. Julio Iglesias is indeed music industry’s living legend and his return to Beijing on 1 April, 2013 to receive two other awards was a memorable one. 
Selling over 300 million records worldwide in 14 languages with 80 albums and more than 2,600 gold and platinum records, Julio Iglesias is considered as one of the top five best-selling Hispanic music artists of all times. His return to Beijing was to receive two historic awards honoring his extraordinary career in music marked by global number one hits.  The two awards are China’s First and Most Popular International Artist of All Time Award (presented by China’s world-renowned artist Lang Lang) and Guinness World Records’ Best-Selling Male Latin Artist.
Upon receiving the first award, Iglesias, who is turning 70 this year, thanked Lang Lang and China for the special recognition, ““Lang Lang, I have to thank you and this beautiful country and the Sony Music family for giving me this opportunity to be back. To be back in China means so much to me and my family and my people. I will never forget this honor. I’m proud of this special situation today because it comes from the people and it comes from a country that is in my heart. So thank you so much, thank you to the people of China.”
World-renowned Chinese artist Lang Lang was the perfect person to present the award to Iglesias as he himself is internationally acclaimed and considered the most influential young artist in the world, receiving praises worldwide for his record of sold out concerts, prestigious awards and innumerable achievements. The event witnessed the first meeting of two music champions from two generations, who both have incredible impact on music throughout the world. 
When asked whether there is a possible collaboration between himself and Lang Lang, Iglesias smiled and said, “you know, Lang Lang and myself, we have a very different situation. Lang Lang is an avid fan of Barcelona, and I’m for Real Madrid so to put together Barcelona and Real Madrid is not very easy. But you know, Lang Lang has a lot of obligations now and I don’t want to add more into that. I feel that the love and friendship we have together is more important than anything else.”
The award ceremony kicked off Julio Iglesia’s 3-show tour in China and further promotes the release of his already worldwide multiplatinum compilation CD, Julio Iglesias 1. On the album, the singer-songwriter returns to performing many of the tracks that made him one of the most outstanding artists of our time and proves once again why he is listed among the names of eternal stars like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Jackson as one of the best-selling artists worldwide of all time.
One of the secrets to Julio Iglesias’ unique global success over the generations is his ability to sing in more than 14 languages and connect with so many different cultures around the world. Even today, no one else can boast a discography of 80 albums in so many languages. “I don’t believe in frontiers. Musicians like Lang Lang and I, when we play, we play for the souls, for the passion of people. It doesn’t matter what race, we love people naturally.”
“Top of the Romance – Julio Iglesias China Live Tour” last month happened on April 14th in Shanghai Grand Stage, 18th in Shenzhen Concert Hall, and 21st in Beijing Exhibition Centre Theater. These live tours are Julio Iglesia’s gifts to his Chinese fans as he sang his well-known songs including “La Paloma”, “Wo Bist Du”, “Hey” and many more other world hits.
Aside from China, Iglesias also held concerts in the Philippines, South Korea, and Singapore to complete his Asian tour.
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