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IST Grade 4 Art Exhibition


Having just held a successful art exhibition for another year, the Grade 4 students at IST conclude their journey of creativity and self-expression as part of their inquiry into 'How We Express Ourselves.' This 7 week unit began with a simple question – what is art? After deciding that art involves the expression of creativity and imagination, students then explored and analysed a range of existing art forms. 
Throughout this process, the students maintained a sketchbook, constantly experimenting and honing their ideas for their final art piece. Inspiration was drawn from all aspects of life, ranging from art lessons, dreams, holidays, emotions, nature, advice from mentors and the work of famous artists. 
The unit culminated in an art exhibition held at IST on 5 March. Students enjoyed sharing both their final artwork and the creative journey with the IST community. It was a most memorable night and testament to the open-minded, enthusiastic and committed Grade 4 students of IST. 
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