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Animal Cruelty Awareness C&S Group Field Trip to Auntie R鈥檚 Animal Shelter
On 6 February, the Animal Cruelty Awareness Community & Service (C&S) Group from International School of Tianjin (IST) went on a trip to Auntie R’s Animal Shelter. Auntie R’s Animal Shelter is a refuge for homeless or stray animals. Auntie R takes care of the dogs and cats at the shelter. The shelter welcomes volunteers to help with the animals. This is what the Animal Cruelty Awareness C&S Group did. Before the trip, students raised funds and collected blankets to donate to the shelter. 
On the day of the trip, when they were walking towards the shelter, students remarked that could hear the sound of many dogs barking. They wondered how many dogs and cats might be there. When they first stepped in the shelter, they were a bit scared by the large amount of dogs. They soon became comfortable as all of the dogs were very friendly and just wanted a pat. The students helped to clean the shelter and met the dogs and cats there. All of the dogs and cats they saw were very lucky to now be in a shelter and cared for. Some animals were sick and had diseases, but as the students donated some money (CNY 680), this may have helped them get better. 
On this trip we were very nervous about we should  treat the animals. We had to be gentle but at the same time we didn’t want animals jumping on all of us. We didn’t know what we were about to see, all we knew about at that time was the sound of dogs. It sounded like there was a mountain of dogs piled up and they were all barking. As we walked through the doors and saw all of the dogs we were shocked at the amount that was there. At first we were nervous to touch and pat them but we quickly became comfortable around them as none of them wanted to hurt us. It seemed they were just glad to see us. While we were patting and cleaning we couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for the dogs, they must’ve had a bad life before the shelter. We knew that for as long as they are in the shelter their life could only get better. Auntie R cares for them greatly and this way the dogs can be happy and have a better life. 
- Amber and Sabrina (IST Animal Cruelty Awareness C&S Group leaders)
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