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Naive Overlap鏄潗钀戒簬闃冲厜鏂颁笟骞垮満鐨勪竴娆鹃煩鍥藉搧鐗屾湇瑁呭簵锛屽畠鐨勬椂灏氬コ瑁呰川鍦扮簿缁嗭紝澶ф璁捐锛屽鏉捐垝閫傦紝鎬绘槸缁欎汉鎰忔兂涓嶅埌鐨勬剦鎮︺傚晢閾洪噷闄堝垪鐨勬湇瑁呭悇绉嶉鏍肩殑娆惧紡锛屼粠鍙ゅ吀涓х増鍒板褰╂椂灏氱増锛屽簲鏈夊敖鏈夈傚簵閾烘湰韬楗拌冪┒锛岃蛋杩涘晢搴椾細缁欎汉浠ヨ交鏉炬剦蹇殑姘旀皼銆
1 Naive Overlap is a Korean brand, situated in Shine Mall. We were pleasantly surprised by the fashionable boutique, the quality and design of the pieces. The premises are spacious and comfortable, large racks of clothing are displayed around the shop. Each rack separates different styles, from classics neutral items to highly fashionable colourful pieces. About the store’s decoration, every detail has been considered, creating an enjoyable space within which to visit and shop. 
2 Inspired by this season’s graphic trends, Naive Overlap have plenty of colourful items. We discovered tops and dresses merging colourful dots, flowers and squares in silky fabrics. A Louis Vuitton look-alike yellow and purple chequered dress was the collection highlight; combine the dress with pointy stilettos and a bow hair band for a Sixties feel. 
3 Floral pieces are a spring staple, but this season they are worn in bright colours. A shirt mixing pastel pink and neon yellow stands out from the collection. The shirt is a versatile item. Wear it with boyfriend jeans for a casual look, with white jeans and stilettos for a date, and with a pencil skirt for a formal event. 
4 Master the 60’s trend by choosing some of the collection shift dresses; optic prints and bright floral pieces with white collars will make a statement. Ground them with neutral accessories and let the colour be the focus. 
Naive Overlap
Address: Shine City, No. 125, Hei Niu Cheng Dao, Hexi District 
Call: +86 8831 2707
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