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V Lounge: Class and Culture


濡傛灉鎮ㄧ粡甯稿幓婊ㄦ捣鏃跺皻澶╄鐨勮瘽锛屼竴瀹氫細娉ㄦ剰鍒拌繖閲屾柊寮浜嗕竴瀹跺悕涓篤 Lounge鐨勯厭鍚с傝繖鏉¤涓婁笉涔忔椂灏氾紝骞朵笖鏋佸叿鍥藉椋庢儏鐨勯厭鍚э紝浣嗘槸璇锋偍涔熶笉瑕侀敊杩囩暀鎰忚繖瀹躲
“鏂板紑鐨刡ar锛屼富鎵撳悇鑹查浮灏鹃厭銆傝佹澘濞樺緢nice锛屽惉濂硅涓轰簡纭繚鍝佽川锛岄厭閮芥槸浠庡笣閮藉畾鐨勶紝涓旂敤鐨勫啺鍧楅兘鏄簵鍛樻墜闆曪紝绾墜宸ャ傜埍鍠濊繖閲岀殑鍒╁彛閰掞紝鎶硅尪鐗涘ザ璋冪殑涓娆俱佽杽鑽风櫧宸ц皟鐨勬锛屽彟澶栦竴瀹氳璇村ス瀹剁殑灏忓悆寰堣禐锛佺涓鐩樿禒閫佺殑鏄贩鎼紝鍚庨潰鍙互鍗曠偣锛屾渶鐖卞悆钄撹秺鑾撳拰棣欒晧鐗囷紒”杩欐璇濇槸鏉ヨ嚜澶т紬鐐硅瘎缃戜腑鐨勯【瀹㈣瘎浠凤紝鐪嬪緱鍑鸿繖瀹堕厭鍚ф棤璁烘槸閰掓按杩樻槸灏忓悆閮藉彈浜哄枩鐖便傜箒蹇欑殑宸ヤ綔涔嬪悗锛屽幓V Lounge灏忓潗浼戞啯锛屼細鏄笉閿欑殑閫夋嫨锛
You have to admire the owners of V Lounge for their bravery and ambition in opening the first cocktail and whiskey bar in TEDA. Not just for daring to try something new or for creating the most lavish and atmospheric joint in TEDA, but also for their aim to educate the area about whiskey and cocktail culture. 
And never has being educated been so indulgent or so cultured. Sinking into lush, leather chairs or sumptuous sofas around low tables of time worn woods whilst cool jazz plays in the background, soft enough to still hear the ice tinkling in your tumbler; the setting is more like an old gentleman’s club than a classroom, but it’s certainly an education. A range of whiskeys and bourbons are displayed behind the long bar. Arranged by country, they span the world. Not just the usual Johnnie Walkers, but award winning single malts like Talisker and small batch bourbons like Knob Creek. 
If geography isn’t your strong subject, then you will enjoy the artistry of the bar staff, as they craft a cocktail. Mr Qiang, the owner, says they always use genuine drink brands and fresh ingredients. Certainly, the Majito had a handful of mint that looked and tasted like it was just picked. The ginger of the Moscow Mule was equally exhilarating.
Good teaching requires enthusiasm about the subject and Mr Qiang is passionate. He told me that he makes his own ice, which I thought meant putting an ice tray in the freezer not hand sculpting with a knife and tiny ice pick. He demonstrated his labour of love by making a near perfect sphere that fitted perfectly into my single malt Islay and later, a large crystal, clear cut diamond. 
The V Lounge is a wonderful place to unwind after work, to stretch out after dinner, or just chill. It’s a sophisticated and stylish venue to languish in. Visit for the first time and enjoy a free drink of something unusual and see your ice, hand crafted for your glass. 
Address: No. 2-07, Binhai Sky Fashion Boulevard, Aoyun Lu, Binhai New Area 婊ㄦ捣鏂板尯濂ヨ繍璺花娴锋椂灏氬ぉ琛2-07鍙(杩戞嘲杈捐冻鐞冨満)
Call: +86 22 5985 9988
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