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Chitchat - Elaine Liu

33 years old from Tianjin Customer Relations Manager – Priority Banking
Favourite restaurant.
I love Dintai Fung 榧庢嘲涓, Haidilao 娴峰簳鎹, Xin Zhu Yi 鏂扮叜鎰(fei teng yu xiang 娌歌吘楸间埂spicy fish), and Chateau 35 Wine Bar & Bistro.
Perfect place for a lively night out.
For me, it’s restaurant dining at Brasserie Flo for their awesome French cusine, to a movie house like Imax China Film for the latest flicks, or to bars like Q bar at the Westin for their specialty mojito and upbeat Latin music, Sitong Bar for their lively band which sets a perfect environment to meet my lady friends, and the beautiful space that is China Blue.
Perfect hang out place for family and friends. 
Chateau 35 Wine and Bar is a good place for hanging out with friends, while Mingyuan Teahouse or Qing Wang Fu is a great place to go  with the family.
Favourite salon and hairdresser.
I like Mi Kai Er for taking good care of my hair, while I go to A Sen Da Mu Tong for my regular massage.
The perfect spots in Tianjin.
Jiefang Beilu - the concession area, the old focal area for foreign banks is, I think, one of the most important financial districts in Tianjin. I also think Jing Yuan or the Garden of Serenity, and Wudadao area are beautiful spots to visit.
Perfect place to go with a date.
La Seine in the Italian Style Town. It has a romantic ambiance that’s perfect for spending quality time with the one you love.
Advice to Tianjin newcomers.
Do not be afraid to ask if you are lost or you need some help, because even if some people here can’t speak English, they will try their best to help you. People in Tianjin are always willing to help.
I love Tianjin because…
Tianjin is my hometown. People here are very kind, friendly and easygoing. It’s both a modern and historical city.


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