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Wei Xin - The Only Mobile Communication App You Need in China


Every expat and Chinese netizen knows about Tencent's QQ. With over 700 million Chinese users, QQ has been dominating the Chinese instant messaging market for over eleven years. Most of us have even created a QQ number in order to communicate with our Chinese friends (and most likely after a couple of weeks stopped using it). However, perhaps not everyone is familiar with another product that was created by Tencent, Weixin. Recently re-branded as WeChat, this versatile and intuitive IM/social media platform has quickly become a runaway success. 
Weixin is available for all major operating systems including iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone, Symbion, and Blackberry. When you download the program you must choose to register with your Facebook account, QQ account or your mobile number. From there the program will locate your contacts who use Weixin, and it will recommend that you connect with them. Weixin has a number of features besides traditional IM, including group chats for up to 20 friends, voice messages, video chat, emoticons, as well as a social media function where friends can post comments and pictures with incredible filter effects. 
A unique and edgy feature that Weixin offers is Look Around. This feature utilises GPS positioning which allows you to chat with people who are within 1000m of your location; regardless if you are friends or not. A couple of friends I know have told me it is a great way to meet 缇庡コ(beautiful women). You can sort your results by gender if you are looking to meet someone of the opposite sex. You can also turn this feature off if you are getting harassed by 鑹茬嫾 (perverts), but the default option is to be opted-in for this service. 
With over 300 million users worldwide since the service started in January 2011, Weixin/Wechat is quickly becoming just as useful and popular, if not more so, than Skype, Whatsapp, Google Talk, and every other IM application. Whether you use it to group chat with your entire family back home, blast pictures of your travels out to your friends, or looking around for a date, Weixin is a must have application while living in China!     
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