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KTV Concert Yes, you鈥檙e a singer in your own right!
There are times when you feel like you want to give Lady Gaga a run for her money and the best way to prove that you can is by belting it out at the KTV. There in your own private room, you show the world what you’ve got, the diva within you breaks out and who cares if your friends clench their teeth at your missed notes, it’s your concert and your friends understand! They are, after all, awaiting their turn as their rock star attitude begins to shape up.
KTV means Karaoke Television and we find many of them here in Tianjin; some grand and fancy, some simple and small. KTV originally came from Japan in which they call it karaoke bokkusu (karaoke box) and has since spread all over Asia – KTV in China, videoke in the Philippines, noraebang in South Korea (meaning “singing room”), and phong karaoke in Vietnam (meaning “karaoke room”).
KTV venues not only rent out rooms to sing in but also offer food and drinks for customers. Small snacks like French fries and peanuts are available in almost all KTVs, while others also offer set meals with drinks. Most KTVs are available 24 hours with discounted rates on daytime hours such as the early afternoon or early evening.
For starters, here are five of the best KTVs in Tianjin. Pay them a visit and let the concert begin!
Eastern Pearl KTV 涓滄柟涔嬬彔
Address: No. 2 Guizhou Lu, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖鸿吹宸炶矾2鍙枫 Tel. no: +86 22 2781 6666
Holiday KTV 濂戒箰杩
Address: 3F, Shuiying Lanting Building, Pingshan Dao, Hexi District 娌宠タ鍖哄钩灞遍亾姘存槧鍏板涵鍟嗕笟3灞傘俆el. no: +86 22 2355 2888
Milo Star KTV 绫充箰鏄
Address: 5F, New World Store, no. 138 Dongma Lu, Nankai District 鍗楀紑鍖轰笢椹矾138鍙锋柊涓栫晫鐧捐揣5妤 (姘撮榿澶ц鍙)銆俆el. no: +86 22 2728 788
Huanledi KTV
Address: 6F, Textile City, Southwest Corner, No. 8, Sanma Lu, Nankai District  鍗楀紑鍖轰笁椹矾8鍙疯タ鍗楄杞荤汉鍩6妤 銆俆el. no: +86 22 8703 1888
A Gogo KTV
Address:  8F, Jili Mansion, No. 209, Nanjing Lu, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖哄崡浜矾209鍙峰悏鍒╁ぇ鍘8妤笺俆el. no: +86 22 2722 0055
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