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Chinese Wonderful World of Short Films







The world of short films is a weird and wonderful place, especially in a market saturated by war dramas and romcoms. The Chinese short film industry delivers bite sized glimpses of China that stand outside the mainstream, but deal with issues that affect modern Chinese people. 


At the top end of the spectrum is Wong Kar Wai, the director of classics like 2046 and In the Mood for Love. He, along with other famous Chinese directors, has a lot films on Youtube. Also on Youtube is a delightful 6 minute film called Kitty and Lala, 80 Impressions. This Intel sponsored film gives a snap shot into the lives of two entrepreneurial wedding photographers in China. Whilst very informative and interesting, the film is too short to do justice to such a unique industry.


Whilst the traditional theme of love is still present in a lot of Chinese short films, others deal with issues of filial duty and growing up to do ones duty by one’s family. The Red Bean Blossoms 绾㈣眴鑺卞紑mixes Cantonese Opera with hip-hop to tell a tale of achieving your dreams. The Chopstick Brothers 绛峰瓙鍏勫紵 made a popular movie: Old man children 鑰佺敺瀛, about growing up and chasing your dreams. Also not to be missed are animated shorts like Life is Like This 鐢熸椿鍘熸潵鏄繖鏍风殑. Finally, for an all out crazy love story watch Courageous Love 鍕囨暍鐖; a body switching, time traveling tale of two lovers. 


Chinese movies are relatively easy to find online. For a more international feel, googling ‘Chinese short films’ will provide a list of movies that will get results from a foreign perspective, or films that are not suitable for China. But if you can’t get on Youtube to see movies, Youku and Tudou serve the domestic market. They are the main point of call for Chinese short films, and whilst not all have English subtitles, most do. If you would like to read movie reviews, check out Douban Movies 璞嗙摚鐢靛奖for Chinese language reviews of foreign and domestic releases.






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