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Pattaya Thai Restaurant






This popular eatery is well known for giving its customers a real Thai experience. When you step through the door you are immediately greeted by the service staff who are all Thai nationals and have with the ability to speak fluent English and Chinese. The best way to start the proceedings is by sampling some of the restaurant’s specially imported Thai beverages. The fruit smoothies and special teas are unique and refreshing. Furthermore, the Thai coffee is also very nice and is certainly unique from the South American blends.


Onto the food and at Pattaya you will literally be spoilt for choice. House specialities include a range of sensational seafood dishes that are synonymous with Thai cooking. The prawn soup, fried fish with vegetables and the shrimp noodles are all fantastic choices. Whatever you decide to order, the one thing not to be missed out on at Pattaya restaurant is the crab in yellow curry sauce. This is one of the finest dishes of its kind that you will get anywhere in China! For the perfect side order, be sure to try the pineapple fried rice (which is literally served inside a whole pineapple). Many customers visit Pattaya just for this delightful staple dish.


And to complete your Thai feast, be sure to try one of the restaurants offerings from the dessert menu. There is a good selection of international favourites to choose from!


Address: No. 33, Ziyou Dao, Sheng Li Lu, Hebei District 娌冲寳鍖鸿儨鍒╄矾鑷敱閬33鍙


Call: +86 22 2445 8789



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