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La Seine鈥檚 Executive Chef Ricardo talks to Tianjin Plus







Both of La Seine’s restaurants in Tianjin, one of which is in the Italian Style Town and the other in TEDA, have built a tremendous reputation amongst the city’s French food lovers. What sets these venues apart from other international eateries is not just the authentic atmosphere and stunning cuisine, it is the man at the very heart of the company’s drive for excellence- executive chef Ricardo. This month our team were fortunate enough to enjoy some of this culinary wizard’s finest French masterpieces and talk to the man himself about what gives La Seine the edge over other international restaurants:


So first of all, tell us where your passion comes from and what lead you to become such a successful chef?


I was born in France to a family of 14 children. As you can imagine, cooking for such a big family required a great deal of effort and skill. I remember being fascinated when watching my mother and grandmother cook their wonderful dishes for us all, and from the age of 7 I started to help out in the kitchen. My passion for making world class, traditional food comes from my early childhood.


What are your signature dishes and what do you enjoy cooking the most?


When it comes to cooking, there are three key elements to all of my dishes: healthy, clean and fresh! Allowing customers to taste traditional, authentic French dishes is what my work is all about. I am very proud of the meat and seafood plates I prepare, which includes pigeon, beef tenderloin, cod and scallops; some of which have hundreds of years of history! I also make all of my own delicious sauces on site at La Seine.


For our readers who are less familiar with French cuisine, what is unique about this style of cooking?


At its best, French food is the most luxurious and delicious style in the world! All French dishes are so carefully prepared and as a nation of food lovers we put so much passion into our cooking. Our meat dishes are famous, but also of course, French food is never complete without a glass of the finest French wine. At La Seine we have a superb wine cellar with hundreds of different bottles to choose from!


Do you currently have any special promotions at La Seine?


Actually, we always have promotions and special offers on food and drinks. Whenever you come to La Seine you can be sure to enjoy great cuisine whilst still getting fantastic value for your money. We will shortly be changing our menu for the summer season, and throughout the year we run promotional deals that are related to ongoing festivals. For instance, leading up to Easter we are offering discounts on chocolate products and other kinds of desserts. We are very conscious of the fact that French food tends to be pricier than most other styles of international cuisine, and therefore we are keen to give our customers the best value for money!


Finally, tell us what separates La Seine from other international restaurants in Tianjin and, in brief, why should people try your restaurant?


I can tell you based on my 10 years of working in China and from what my clients tell me all the time: La Seine offers customers the most authentic and enjoyable French dining experience in Tianjin. The food and beverages are stunning- whilst still being relatively well priced, the d茅cor is beautiful, our service staff are very friendly, and the menu’s range of items is in a league of its own.


Don’t just take it from me, bring your family and friends to our restaurant and see it for yourself! 






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