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Panjiayuan Market

Trash and Treasure

Beijing’s Panjiayuan market is a must visit destination for anyone shopping for souvenirs or just wanting to see some of the more curious wares available in the capital city. Remember though that however convincing many of the ancient looking items are, the chances are they’re probably not long off the production line.

The giant market is open seven days a week but the best times to visit are Saturday and Sunday. It’s easily accessible now with its own subway station on line 10 (leave at exit B). The market opens at dawn and stallholders begin to pack away their goods mid-afternoon.

It’s also known as the dirt market because originally it was said to be just a big open field from where sellers would hawk their goods. Now it’s said to be the largest flea market in China and every type of item a souvenir collector could wish for is up for sale, particularly if it relates to Chairman Mao.

 Calligraphy, porcelain, jade, carvings, posters and prints and jewellery are all up for grabs. Giant statues and outdoor furnishings are on sale as well but they’re all a little too big to fit in a suitcase. English language books can also be found after a bit of hunting through the book section and can be snapped up for as little as CNY 5.

US expat, Jacob Docking, who was hunting for presents to take back home for an upcoming holiday managed to find most of his family gifts. He explained that “It’s huge and there are many different things to choose from but you have to bargain very hard for the right price!”




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