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Chitchat - Chris Boobier



Christopher Boobier 鍗氫竴澶
25 years old from Kent, England
Works at Wellington College International

Perfect hangout for you and your friends.
‘Coffice’ on Chongqing Dao in 浜斿ぇ閬. It’s a little slice of home away from home or some wonderful cooking courtesy of the next big thing on the cooking scene - Justin Toy. Sam's home is also pretty edgy. Oh, and Tianjin Cultural Centre is sweet in the sunshine.

The perfect spot in Tianjin.
It’s a close call between Munan Park in 浜斿ぇ閬 and Jixian towards the mountains and the Great Wall in the north. Having lived in a village all my life, I really value a feeling of community - a sentiment abundant across Tianjin, especially amidst the musicians of Munan and in the tranquil lakeside farmhouses.

Perfect place for a date.
Tianjin is a deceptively romantic location, full of little hole-in-the-wall tea houses, parks and theatres, and my ideal date would embrace the local delicacies. Alternatively, the Astor Hotel is an elegant and refined spot, as is the Renaissance Lakeside (澶╂触瀹鹃). Or maybe a joint blind massage...that was fun.

Advice to Tianjin newcomers:
Smile at people; be patient; talk with locals, hear their stories, learn, read the newspaper, make friends for life. And if it ever all becomes too much, just stay calm and carry on! Or for the Chinese, 绁為┈閮芥槸娴簯銆

I love Tianjin because...
To quote a famous Chinese philosopher, 娌℃湁涓轰粈涔 (there is no why).


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