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Bedroom Bar


Located next to the original Helen's off of Wujiayao dajie (鍚村绐戝ぇ琛), the Bedroom Bar is one of the newest hot spots on the Tianjin nightlife scene. Upon entering the Bedroom Bar, you'll notice right away that this is not your typical dark and grungy ‘western style’ bar with writing all over the walls. Instead, the walls are a clean and bright white that are used to display the changing neon lights, reminiscent of a night club in Miami. The main seating area is filled with tables that can comfortably seat 8 people, while in the back there are several "bedrooms" for larger parties and functions.   

The menu at Bedroom Bar offers typical western bar food such as pastas (CNY 20-30), salads, burgers (CNY 20-25), and pizzas (CNY 45) at prices and portions that are quite reasonable. Their beer selection is a bit limited and on the expensive side (CNY 20-50) but they make up for it with tasty cocktails made with real spirits. During the evening there was a tequila promotion- CNY 100 for 12 shots of Jose Cuervo Gold and a game that involved lighting the bar on fire and getting free drinks! The staff members arefriendly and can speak English quite well..

Address锛欳ommercial Site, No. 1-4, Chaoyang Li, Heyan Dao, Heping District
Call: +86 135 1226 1277


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