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Cafe Sambal: Tianjin's Number One Malaysian Eatery

Caf茅 Sambal: Tianjin’s Number One Malaysian Eatery

For many westerners living in Tianjin, Malaysian food still seems to be a somewhat unknown entity. But now the time has come to sample some of Asia’s finest cuisine right here in the city’s most authentic Malaysian restaurant! Caf茅 Sambal is located in a quiet spot on Min Yuan Xi Li, away from the hustle and bustle of Tianjin life but still within walking distance of Ying Kou Dao subway station. If you take the time to find this hidden gem of a restaurant you certainly won’t be disappointed!

The restaurant and its accompanying boutique hotel have an atmosphere of ultra tranquillity. The modern, chique d茅cor and dim lighting allow you to feel perfectly relaxed with friends and family. As for the food, it is no exaggeration to say that Caf茅 Sambal’s offerings are probably some of the best dishes you will ever try in Tianjin. The restaurant serves a superb range of traditional Malaysian classics- including fried egg and prawn rice, curried chicken, beef and lamb, and some fantastic seafood plates. There are also a number of great vegetarian dishes and the dessert menu is sensational. Caf茅 Sambal combines its owner’s Malaysian cooking expertise with selected influences from around the world to make sure that there is something for everyone. For those who have yet to try Malaysian food, imagine the flavours and textures of Thai, Indian and Southern Chinese cuisine, plus more, all rolled into one amazing recipe. Malaysian chefs are known for their excellence in using dozens of spices and blending sweet ingredients such as coconut milk with savoury and meat staples. The results are mouth watering to say the very least!

And whilst you are trying Caf茅 Sambal’s amazing food, why not enjoy a few drinks and make a great night even better?! The venue’s staff members are well trained in the art of cocktail making and there is a fine selection of beers and spirits. Whether you are out to impress a date, chat with friends or even hold a business meeting, and you are looking for a nice quiet place with a relaxing ambience and incredible food, Caf茅 Sambal is the perfect choice!

Address: Min Yuan Xi Li, No. 31, Changde Dao, Heping District

Call: +86 22 2330 0896


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