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The Gen'er Bar

Gen'er Bar

鍝忓効(g茅n er),澶╂触淇楄瑷,鎰忎负"鏈夎叮,鏈夋剰鎬,鍙瑧", 涔熸湁"鍙埍,濂界帺"鐨勬剰鎬濄傚父涓“鍊嶅効”杩炵敤涓“鍊嶅効鍝忓効”锛屾剰涓“鐗瑰埆鏈夋剰鎬”銆傛渤涓滃尯鍗佺粡璺笌娲ュ璺氦鍙f柊寮浜嗕竴瀹堕鍚э紝鍚嶅瓧灏卞彨鍋“鍝忓効鍚”銆傚惉涓婂幓灏遍潪甯告湁鎰忔濓紝鑰屼笖鍚稿紩浜虹殑搴楀悕锛屼細璁╀汉蹇嶄笉浣忔兂鍘荤湅鐪嬨傛垜浠殑缂栬緫蹇嶄笉浣忓幓涓鐫“鍝忓効鍚”鐨“鑺冲”锛屾灉鐒舵病鏈変护浜哄け鏈涖

Tired of going to the same old bars in Tianjin? Want to try somewhere new and unique? Gen’er Bar in Hedong district is a hidden little gem that is perfect for a night out. Gen’er in the Tianjin dialect means funny or interesting and is the proper word to describe the atmosphere here. Situated near the intersection of Shijinglu (鍗佺粡璺) and Jintanglu (娲ュ璺), this hip new bar stands out from other Chinese bars because of its fresh design, unique themes and welcoming atmosphere. The selection of beer may be modest and the menu is entirely in Chinese, but the friendly staff will go at lengths to accommodate foreign friends.

When you pull up to Gen’er Bar, you'll need to head up to the second floor by elevator which opens up right into the bar. The theme at Gen’er bar will have you reminiscing about dynastic China- Ming style decor fused with modern design. There are opium den style day beds to sit on, antique style furniture and at the front of the bar is a stage where Gen’er bar's real unique strong point lies, a live house band that plays a unique style of music which blends Tianjin style opera with rock and roll. If you come on the right night, you might even get a chance to see MC Caid freestyle rap to traditional style music. When you go to Gen’er, make sure to get dinner beforehand as they only serve light snacks.

Gen’er Bar 鍝忓効鍚
Address: The intersection of Shisan Jing Lu and Jintang Lu, Hedong District 娌充笢鍖哄崄涓夌粡璺笌娲ュ璺氦鍙
Call: +86 139 0203 3992


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