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China Week at International School of Tianjin (IST)


China Week at the International School of Tianjin (IST) is a week- long celebration of Chinese culture. Organised by a committee of teachers, experts on dough figurines and kite making visited all elementary classes to introduce these traditional folk arts. Students also had a great time making dumplings in the brand new elementary kitchen. All the elementary children very much enjoyed learning about Chinese culture. During the Elementary China Week traditional Chinese music, a variety of Chinese art forms, Chinese New Year stories and kung fu were also woven into the specialists’ classes. It is a wonderful week with a lot of fun.

Secondary students from the Chinese department will celebrate the Chinese Culture Weeks. The first week will feature Chinese calligraphy.  They have the chance to learn to appreciate and practice traditional Chinese calligraphy arts and finish their own works for a Chinese calligraphy competition. This will be followed by two weeks of Peking Opera. Students will be divided into groups to do a project of lian pu, Peking Opera facial designs. By the end of the project, they will be able to understand the unique symbolisation of different lian pu and have the chance to paint them as well as to present their projects to others.

The highlight of the Chinese New Year celebrations at IST was a whole-school assembly, attended by our whole community. We then went outside to set off fireworks and welcome the Year of the Snake with a BANG!














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