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IST Zombie Prom - A Nuclear Powered Play



The International School Tianjin (IST) hosted the musical Zombie Prom on 22 November. Originally written in 1993 by John Dempsey, with music by Dana P. Rowe, it is about a young rebel named Jonny and his high-school romance with the straight laced Toffee.

The play takes place at Enrico Fermi (one of the fathers of the Atomic Bomb) High School which is run by the aptly named Ms. Strict, who runs the school based on an iron code, ’Rules, Regulations, and Respect’. The plot is not too complex: A tale of love lost and found. But there are a couple of surprises towards the end which give the play more of an emotional impact than at first glance.

The main focus of Zombie Prom was the 20 songs spread over two acts. Many of them were sung back to back or with a minimum of talking in between. This means the musical is fast paced and high energy. A lot of the plot was revealed through song, so audience members had to pay attention if they wanted to keep up with the events on stage.

The cast sang and danced really well. Particularly Da Hee Kang as Toffee, who’s voice really carries a lot of the songs. Her partner Jonny, actor Da Hoon Kim, does a great job as well, but it is Denis (Sang Bum) Cho, who plays Eddie Flagrante that really shines. Both his acting and singing are surprisingly good for someone who is so young. Another notable performance was by Won Ho Lee. His role, whilst being a relatively small one, is fleshed out by his great physical acting which sometimes steals the scenes from the main actors.   

The choreography and music were both done well and really came together at the end. The whole cast joined together to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and as an added bonus included the Gungnam Style dance in the mix!

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