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Chitchat- Ulisese Momoe Lauese



Ulisese Momoe Lauese
26 years old
Samoan student at Tianjin University of Technology and Education

1.    Favourite restaurant
Japanese food chain called Yoshinoya, there are several branches around the city but I usually go to the one on Binjiang Dao.

2.    Perfect place for a lively night out
The perfect place for a night out would be Scarlet Nightclub close to Tianjin University.

3.    Friday or Saturday night in Tianjin?

Friday night is a good time to get together with friends and relax away from your studies.

4.    The perfect spot in the city.
I know there are a lot of beautiful places in Tianjin but my favourite spot is Tanggu on the seaside during summer time.

5.    Perfect place to bring a date
It would be to the cinema, like the one in Xiaobailou next to the subway station.

6.    Advice for Tianjin newcomers
Enjoy your stay in Tianjin by discovering all the incredible places in it. Also, get to know how nice the local people are.

7.    I love Tianjin because…
Here I can experience both Eastern and Western cultures.






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