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Love & Passion via Salsa

Salsa Passion: An Interview with Lance Zhang, Salsa Dance Instructor

鎷変竵鑸炶箞-鑾庤帋 ( Salsa) 璧锋簮浜庡彜宸达紝闅忕潃瀹冪殑鍙戝睍鍜屽箍娉涙祦浼狅紝鎷変竵鑸炶箞-鑾庤帋閫愭笎琚垎涓哄緢澶氱椋庢牸锛屼笉鍚屽浗瀹讹紝涓嶅悓鍦板煙鐨勬媺涓佽垶韫-鑾庤帋閮芥湁鎵涓嶅悓 , 浣嗗叾鍩烘湰姝ヤ紣闆峰悓, 鍏ㄤ笘鐣屾渶钁楀悕鐨勬媺涓佽垶韫-鑾庤帋鏈夋潵鑷編鍥界航绾︾殑鎷変竵鑸炶箞-绾界害鑾庤帋( New York Salsa), 鏍奸殕姣斾簹鐨勬媺涓佽垶韫-鑾庤帋( Columbia Salsa), 鍜屽彜宸寸殑鎷変竵鑸炶箞-鑾庤帋鑸炶箞 ( Cuba Salsa) 绛夈
鎷変竵鑸炶箞-鑾庤帋鐨勯煶涔愭槸寤虹珛鍦ㄦ浖娉㈣垶韫堢殑鍩虹涓婏紝姣忎竴闊充箰鑺傛媿8 鎷, 浣嗗叾鑸炴鍗翠负 6 鎷嶃傛媺涓佽垶韫-鑾庤帋 浠ュ叾鍒叿涓鏍肩殑椋庢牸, 鍦ㄧ編鍥芥繁鍙椾汉浠殑鍠滅埍, 鍦ㄥ緢澶氶珮灏氱殑绀句氦鍦哄悎, 鎷変竵鑸炶箞-鑾庤帋鐨勯煶涔愬湪椋樻壃, 澶у闅忕潃闊充箰, 缈╃咯璧疯垶, 鍦ㄦ棆寰嬩腑鏁栨父…
杩欐湡娲ュ搧鐢熸椿鏉傚織涓撹浜嗗ぉ娲ュ疂鍔涜豹鍋ヨ韩淇变箰閮ㄧ殑寮犳暀缁冿紙Lance锛夛紝鏈夌潃10骞磋帋鑾庤垶韫堟暀瀛︾粡楠岀殑浠栵紝鏈涓哄紑蹇冪殑鏄秺鏉ヨ秺澶氱殑浜哄紑濮嬪枩娆㈣帋鑾庯紝瀛︿範璺宠帋鑾庛備粬鏇惧湪2011骞淬2012骞磋閭璇凤紝鍙傚姞CCTV鐨勪竴妗h垶韫堛佸仴韬暀瀛︽爮鐩殑褰曞埗銆侺ance涔熶細瀹氭湡涓惧姙Salsa Party锛岃鏇村鐨勬湅鍙嬮氳繃鑾庤帋璁よ瘑褰兼锛屼笌鏇村鐨勪汉鎺ヨЕ浜ゆ祦銆傝帋鑾庡苟涓嶉毦瀛︼紝鐩镐俊鐪嬩簡Lance鐨勪粙缁嶏紝浣犱細鎰熷叴瓒e苟鐖变笂鑾庤帋鐨勶紒鎯呬汉鑺傜殑鏃跺欙紝涓嶅Θ鍜屼綘鐨勭埍浜轰竴璧凤紝鐢ㄨ帋鑾庝紶杈句綘浠褰兼鐨勭埍鍚э紒

Everything about Salsa spells passion: the hip movement, the shifting of the ribcage, the up and down movement of the shoulders, the change of direction; not to mention the rhythm, the expression on dancers’ faces and of course, the timing. Normally a partner dance, Salsa expresses emotions and messages through music and dance, albeit fast in some forms but romantic nonetheless.

In Tianjin, the go-to-guy to learn Salsa is Lance Zhang锛堝紶鐭, Zh膩ng M谩o锛. With 10 years of experience in teaching Salsa, Lance has blessed many students with his skills, knowledge and love for Salsa, as well as his passion for teaching others to learn and love this synergetic dance form. After getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Dance /Physical Dance (International Standard Dance), Lance then focused his attention in Salsa as he feels this kind of dance brings him a lot of joy. Here’s more of Tianjin Plus’ conversation with Tianjin’s Salsa maestro.

First off, what are basic skills one must have to start learning Salsa?
Salsa dancing is very easy to learn. Many people may feel intimidated when they hear the word dancing. They think it must be very professional and difficult to learn. Actually, Salsa can be regarded as a way for people to communicate while listening to the music and its rhythm. Therefore, anyone can learn Salsa.  Age, gender, nationality and figure cannot stop someone from learning this dance.

How can Salsa students overcome difficulties in dancing?
As a dance teacher, I can easily discover the problems and difficulties during classes. What I need to do is to tell students to use the easiest way to solve their problem, and let them feel real fun whilst dancing. Even though they may come across some difficulties, they can overcome them with my help.

What health or emotional benefits would one get from dancing this kind of dance?

Salsa dancing is good for mental and emotional health. Continuous 60 minutes (one session) of Salsa dancing will help an individual to consume about 500-600 calories and they can consume more calories with faster musical rhythm or larger range of motion. Meanwhile, Salsa is not a very strenuous kind of dance, so it will not increase the pressure on our knees or ankles. That’s the reason why even people who are obese or overweight can learn this kind of dance.
When dancing Salsa, your mind can stay clear of unhappy things with the help of the background music and with the whole body being involved in dancing. What’s more, it can promote the secretion of brain dopamine which helps to ease your pressure and helps the body to react positively.

Can you tell us about your biggest achievement so far?

I was invited to attend the CCTV dancing and body building program shown in 2011 and 2012. I’ve also judged some dance shows and have been a guest to some TV Programs. However, the biggest achievement for me is the increasing number of people starting to learn and love Salsa.

Aside from Salsa classes, you also organise Salsa parties. Tell us about this.

I always organise some themed parties and birthday parties, and organising Salsa parties is something that is very interesting for me. With totally different themes and content plans, we make this party full of surprises and excitement. Also, this is unique in Tianjin!

How is the Tianjin crowd accepting this kind of dance?
More and more people are learning Salsa now and have joined my Salsa classes so this means that lots have already become part of our Salsa family! Salsa is a language, a kind of communication that brings people together. Through dancing Salsa, we connect with each other and become friends with people from different cities and countries from all over the world.

Lastly, what would you like to tell Tianjin Plus readers who are interested in joining your Salsa classes or Salsa Parties?
I’m so happy that I can share my passion of dancing Salsa with you. Tianjin Plus Magazine is really good and useful, and I hope that through Tianjin Plus more people will get to know the fun classes and exciting Salsa Parties in the city. Let’s all learn to dance Salsa together!
(For more information on Salsa classes and parties, contact Lance Zhang via these social networking portals -Twitter: @LanceZM, Facebook: Lance ZM and Weibo: @鑾辨仼鏂紶鐭.)


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