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German Restaurant Beer House


There’s a new restaurant in town! Decked with rustic and antique decorations, this restaurant creates the ideal atmosphere for family and friends to enjoy a perfect evening meal this winter. The bricked walls, the wooden panels together with the elegant spiral staircase add the perfect edge to this unique and wonderful restaurant.

The menu offers a collection of four authentic German beers, specially imported from Germany, to provide the ultimate German experience! Be sure to try the Erdinger Dunkel Beer which is the favourite among their customers.  The Bavarian roasted pork knuckle comes highly recommended so make sure you don’t miss trying this exquisite dish. The tender, slow cooked meat gives a rich and unique taste. It is no doubt a treat for your taste buds! The menu also has a great collection of salads and soups so there is really something for everyone. The Farmer’s salad, which comes with smoked chicken and assorted vegetables and served with Thousand Island dressing, is among the restaurant’s popular dishes.

Once inside, you will no longer feel like you are in China and that’s something many are looking for when restaurant browsing. The friendly and hospitable staff will make you feel right at home.

After having drunk a couple of 0.5 litre mugs of beer alongside some of their delightful dishes, you will certainly be walking out as a happy customer.


German Restaurant Beer House 楹﹁胺寰烽鍟ら厭鍧
Address:  No. 1-115, Zonglv Garden, Zhujiang Dao, Hexi District (Face to the Fuli Bus Station)
Call: +86 22 8815 8577

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