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Best of Tianjin in 2013

For 2013, the hardworking editorial team  at Tianjin Plus have hit the streets and asked our readers "Where are the best places in Tianjin?". After compiling the data and painstakingly analysing the results, we are proud to present, the first annual Best of Tianjin Awards!


Ali Babas, also known as the original western bar in Tianjin, is a long-time haunt for students, expats, and local Tianjin people. They offer an extensive menu of cheap Middle Eastern and western food and drinks, set in a cosy environment. Tucked away in the back of an alley with no signs and windows, this bar truly is a ‘hidden gem’!
A: Wei Hua Li, Tong’an Dao, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖哄悓瀹夐亾鍗崕閲屽皬鍖

Helen's Possibly the most popular western style bar in Tianjin, and famous throughout China, offers affordable food and drink in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Whether you come here to have some dinner and drinks with friends or to induce tomorrow's hangover, Helen's is the best pre-game spot.
A: No. 116, the junction of Wu Jia Yao Er Hao Lu and Heyan Dao, Heping District

AJOs: Targeting a more mature crowd, AJOs offers a wide variety of high quality imported beers and spirits to please the taste buds of thirsty expats. It’s a great place to watch a big sporting event or celebrate a festive/seasonal holiday.
A: 1F, Xidi, No. 177-179, Xiao Chengdu Dao, Heping District


Sitong: Ask any foreigner where to go to dance the night away and they will all tell you the same thing, Sitong! Offering the perfect blend of live music and entertainment (including a Filipino band and a Russian pole dancer), you are sure to have a night to remember, or even forget depending on how many bottles you drink!
A: -1F, Olympic Tower, Chengdu Dao, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖烘垚閮介亾濂ユ灄鍖瑰厠澶у帵璐1灞

Scarlet: Located across from Nankai/Tianjin University, this loud nightclub is a firm favourite among international students and Chinese alike. Dance the night away while the DJ spins and the cheap beer and alcohol flows.
A: 3F, Bolian Building, No. 155, Weijin Lu, Heping District

Le Nest: Le Nest and Le Nest II are popular spots to go for a wild night of clubbing and dancing. Both clubs feature a stage where male and female pole dancers take turns impressing the crowd and Chinese singers perform live pop songs. With the music being mainly Chinese, the club is mostly frequented by the young Chinese crowd. However, it is becoming more and more popular with expats.
A: No. 103, Qiongzhou Dao, Hexi District 娌宠タ鍖虹惣宸為亾103鍙

Places for Cocktails

China Bleu: Located atop the Tangla Hotel, China Bleu offers elegant cocktails in an upscale environment. You'll be sure to enjoy your cocktails while taking in a 360 degree view of Tianjin's ever growing skyline as the jazz band complements the atmosphere with their own interpretation of well-known songs.  
A: 49F, Tangla Hotel Tianjin, No. 219, Nanjing Lu, Heping District

Le Procope Lounge: Situated in an elegant and sleek ex-morgue (yes you read this right), this upscale lounge is a perfect place for dressing up and impressing a first date while drinking inspired classic cocktails.   
A: The junction of Chengde Dao and Shandong Lu, Heping District

GIA Lounge: If you are looking for a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere, then look no further than the GIA lounge. The music adds to the surroundings to create a laidback ambiance. DJs from Italy and Brazil play electro, house and dance which give the GIA lounge a contemporary feel. One mistake the GIA lounge DJs don’t make is playing music too loud, so you never have to shout to make yourself heard.
A: South of the intersection of Nan Menwai Street and Qinghe Street, Heping District


Spot Cafe: Opened in Tianjin over four years now, the Spot Cafe has been a popular hangout and meet-up spot (no pun intended) for like-minded hipsters. The Spot Cafe's new location allows them to host events such as wine tastings, art galleries, language corners, open microphone nights and more.
A: 2F, Vanke City Garden, the junction of Xinxing Da Jie and Xikang Lu, Heping District
Coffice: Located in a historical building in the Wudadao area, this British inspired coffee house allows guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of Tianjin. You can enjoy your coffee in a private movie theatre; choosing from a back catalog of among thousands of movie titles.
A: No. 169, Chongqing Dao, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖洪噸搴嗛亾169鍙

Time Coordinate Cafe: Offering great coffee and an extensive menu of western food, this hidden gem is a comfortable place to relax or get some work done.
A: No. 6, the junction of Hanghai Dao and Baidi Lu, Nankai District


Gang Gang Delicatessen : A Japanese owned bakery and delicatessen, their Beijing branch was recognised in GQ Asia magazine as one of the best bakeries in China. You can visit them at one of two locations in Tianjin; one location offering baked goods and the other offering imported goods and a restaurant on the second floor.
A: 103-104, Olympic Tower, No. 126, Chengdu Dao, Heping District

Tous Le Jours: This South Korean bakery franchise, located in the Isetan Mall, offers high quality baked goods using high quality ingredients. They serve great tasting sandwiches, cakes, bagels, coffee, pastries and much more.  
A: -1F, Isetan, Block C, Modern City, No. 108, Nanjing Lu, Heping Distirct
Paris Baguette: As the largest bakery chain in South Korea, Paris Baguette is extremely popular with expats and Chinese alike. This popular bakery can be found all around Tianjin and specialises in serving up a wide variety of incredibly delicious fruity pastries and cakes.
A: Building A1, Aocheng, Binshui Xi Dao, Nankai District

Western Casual

Trueman's: Offering a menu specialising in sandwiches and burgers, this foreign owned back alley bar is a great meet-up spot for friends. With a variety of fun activities throughout the week, including Sunday night trivia, Trueman's is sure to please customers with its warm atmosphere.
A: No. 37, Commercial Site, Building No. 2, Longde Li, Wan De Zhuang Da Jie, Nankai District 鍗楀紑鍖轰竾寰峰簞澶ц榫欏痉閲2鍙锋ゼ37鍙峰簳鍟
Aulare: Come to Aulare to experience a fusion of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and South and Central American food right here in Tianjin. Your taste buds will be dancing the salsa in this urban Latin restaurant.
A: 2F, Building A4, Aocheng, Binshui Xi Dao, Nankai District (beside Costa Coffe)

Cozy Cafe: Located next to Balitai bridge, this musical themed restaurant offers a wide variety of affordable food with massive portions. Come in the summer time and enjoy sitting outside and eating freshly grilled BBQ food.  
A: 1F, New Culture Plaza, Balitai Bridge, Weijin Nan Lu, Nankai District

Western Fine Dining

Brasserie FLO: Located in the Italian Style District, FLO serves up authentic world-class French Cuisine in an elegant and intimate setting. Starting around Spring Festival, FLO will be offering a great new mouth watering brunch on weekends and holidays.
A: No. 37, Guangfu Dao, Italian Style Town, Hebei District 娌冲寳鍖烘柊鎰忚鍏夊閬37鍙

Chateau 35: In the heart of the Wudaodao area, Chateau 35 offers an impressive selection of high quality western style food. The menu ranges from wood fired pizzas, to New Zealand lamb rack, to imported rib-eye steak. Enjoy your meal in their beautiful garden area alongside an extensive selection of imported beers and wine.
A: Opposite No. 79, Changde Dao, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖哄父寰烽亾79鍙峰闈

Venezia Club: Located in the heart of the Italian Style District, this Italian run and owned restaurant offers authentic dishes including lasagna, pastas and pizzas. Come during the summertime and sit outside while taking in scenes from one of the most beautiful spots in the city.  
A: No. 48, Ziyou Dao, Italian Style Town, Hebei District 娌冲寳鍖烘柊鎰忚鑷敱閬48鍙


Pizza Bianca: Often referred to as the best pizza place in Tianjin, customers can also choose from a wide range of high quality pastas and salads with fine wine and beer to compliment these dishes. If you have enough space, their desserts are also fantastic.
A: Room 107-108, Olympic Tower, No. 126, Chengdu Dao, Heping District

Pizza Box: Feeling too hung over to leave your apartment? Pizza Box is your saving grace! Offering citywide delivery of not only pizza but also burritos, snacks, and even groceries, Pizza Box delivers massive rectangular pizzas loaded with great quality toppings.  
A: Fukang Garden, Nakai District 鍗楀紑鍖哄瘜搴疯姳鍥

Pizza Hut: With locations all across Tianjin and the world, Pizza Hut is the biggest name in pizza. While they may be a giant soulless corporation, they offer up a mean cheesy stuffed-crust pizza.
A: -1F, Robbinz Department Store, No. 128, Nanjing Lu, Heping District

Chinese Restaurant

Youth: Situated on the HaiHe river in Jin Wan Plaza锛堟触婀惧箍鍦猴級, this Chinese establishment offers stunning views of the city in an elegant dining setting. The menu includes a wide range of Chinese classics from all around China including mouth watering Beijing Roast Duck.
A: 1F, Bldg. 1, Jin Wan Plaza, Jiefang Bei Lu, Heping District

The ‘Bavarian Beer House’鏉ユ垚椤洪キ搴: Located next to Tushudasha (鍥句功澶у帵), this four story Muslim style restaurant offers a big twist- freshly home-brewed German style beers! If beer doesn't interest you, they also offer amazing dishes and traditional hot pot.
A: No. 366, Dagu Nan Lu, Hexi District 娌宠タ鍖哄ぇ娌藉崡璺366鍙

Hai Di Lao锛堟捣搴曟崬锛塊nown for their first class service, Hai Di Lao is the most popular place to enjoy hotpot in Tianjin. With several locations around the city and open 24 hours a day, Hai Di Lao is so popular that you might want to call ahead and make a reservation at all times of day.
A: 6F, Mileo Department Store, No. 209, Nanjing Lu, Heping District

Asian (not Chinese)

YYs: Perhaps the most popular and well-known restaurant amongst foreigner, YY's serves up authentic Thai food alongside a huge selection of wine and beer from around the world. Once a month they have a wine testing event which is frequented with like-minded people who have networking in mind. Also, their annual Thai Water Festival is not to be missed.
A: No. 3, Aomen Lu, Heping District 鍜屽钩鍖烘境闂ㄨ矾3鍙

Barwachi: Located in Shanggu by the TV tower, this truly authentic Indian restaurant serves up mouth watering dishes with a variety of spiciness. Their large dining room is sure to be able to cater for intimate diners or large parties.  
A: No. 69, 3F, Bldg. B, Shanggu, Tianta Dao, Nankai Distirct

Haru Haru Teppanyaki: Specialising in all you can eat Japanese tepanyaki and all you can drink sake, plum wine and beer, make sure you come on an empty stomach. Order from a wide range of veggies, meats and seafoods; including sashimi, high quality grilled beef and oysters. Finally, people are encouraged to use will power in order to remember the night!
A: No. 126, Building No. 18, Aocheng, Binshui Xi Dao, Nankai District


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