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Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore


A Real Taste of Italy in Tianjin


As Italian restaurants go in Tianjin, there are many elements which set the Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore apart from its competitors. Situated in the more secluded part of the city’s Italian Style Town, this venue offers authentic and affordable Italian cuisine in a bright, spacious and relaxed dining environment. With several big dining rooms on two floors, it is an excellent venue for both romantic dinners and VIP corporate events. The Pasta Fresca brand was first established in Singapore in 1988 and has since become a household name around China. The chain has become particularly well known in Shanghai- where its numerous restaurants are regular hubs for the local expat community. The firm even has its own factory in Shanghai which is dedicated to producing the huge array of pastas and ingredients that the restaurant chains offer.

Lovers of Italian cuisine are certainly not stuck for places to eat in Tianjin. But even the most seasoned of Italian eaters will certainly be blown away by the Pasta Fresca’s delicious offerings. The food menu is sure to have customers dithering over which dishes to order. The starter selection is particularly impressive- with the Mozzarella Pomodoro alla Caprese standing out as a sensational snack to kick things off. As you would expect with a world class Italian restaurant, the pizza selection is wide ranging and incredibly enticing. The Pizza Capricciosa, topped with traditional cheeses, homemade tomato sauce, spicy pork, salami, artichokes, anchovies and mushrooms, is a superb selection. If you don’t order a pizza, go wild with the amazing range of splendid pasta dishes. The venue’s chef recommends the Mare E Monti and it does not disappoint. And as for the desserts, the international cooking team at Pasta Fresca excel in making their very own sweet dishes on site. The Tiramisu Al Mascarpone E Caf茅 and the Pama Cotta will more than satisfy sweet toothed customers.

In addition to the venue’s excellent food, the Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore also boasts a superb selection of international wines and other alcoholic beverages. The wine menu in particular is very good value and offers customers a great range of tipples imported from Italy. Through its fantastic food and authentic European atmosphere, the restaurant not only brings Italian cuisine to Tianjin, but also the nation’s much loved culture.


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