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TEDA Football Team


The Binhai International Football Club Beats The Chill


Passion for the game is growing in Tianjin! Of course, we are talking about football—with hot competitions even in winter. Just ask the players of Binhai International Football Club meeting at Wei Ha Bar (2nd Avenue in TEDA) after the Saturday afternoon games. Their fever for it even defies the temperature.

Alex Pegorin, the team captain from Italy, who is a founding member, tells us that “The benefits to this fun-loving sport areis relieving stress, practicing English while mixing with players from other countries—and, especially, playing football”. Regarding his experience, he continues, “It’s all about team-work. Everybody wants playing time—the opportunity to make goals, for sure, but working together—that is the joy”. His position is middle field.

Against the Tianjin International School Community team, involving teachers, parents, and students, was an action packed  5-5 draw 5 to 5. Their last match, however, was even more satisfying-, romping the Tanggu Team, 7-3, on a really frigid -8 degree Celsius day.

The newest addition to the team is Eemeli Kivinen—a hockey player at his former university in his native Finland, now working now in TEDA. He enjoys it for the athleticism— and opportunity to make new friends.

Club manager Yan Zhang, the always enthusiastic woman who began gathering players over two years ago, has plans for the future. “I love football” she exclaims, “I hope to organisze a league for TEDA soon, inviting other teams to join”. She notes the foreign companies expressing interest, including SEW (German), Otis (American), and other competitors they have yet to meet on the field. “They are friendly games which connect people” she says, adding that “The world needs this!”.  The 2013 season begins 2 March 2nd lasting to 7 December 7th. Come on, have a ‘ball’ and , ‘kick back’ with the foreigners!

For more information, contact Yan Zhang at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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