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There’s no denying that Muse, Tianjin’s latest nightspot, created quite a stir when it opened on 27 October, 2012. Firstly, it has the perfect location as it is just a stone’s throw away from the busy shopping street Binjiang Dao. Secondly, the spacey club (which gets crowded as early as 10pm) has a luxurious European style bar that draws Chinese yuppies for a night of entertainment. And thirdly, Muse opened with no less than the electrifying dance sensation, actor, and singer Vaness Wu. Wu created screams from ladies, a lot of dancing, and not to mention, a loaded club opening. That very same night, Muse was cemented as one of the go-to places for a night out in the city.

However, more than these elements, Muse never rested on its laurels and continued its goal of creating over-the-top entertainment for the Tianjin crowd. “Teamwork is what’s behind Muse and I’m glad that our club has been well-received by the public since it opened”, says Muse media relations officer Yoyo You. “Our target crowd has always been the younger generation, in their 20s and 30s, who are fashionable and appreciate going to bars and having a good night out with friends,” she added.

As its resident DJ ends a set, a T-shape platform rises in the middle of the club. Dancers flaunting their sparkly costumes begin their dance routine with moves that would definitely raise the energy level of the club. Singers abound in Muse as well, as it is popular for bringing in famous talents from the hit TV Show The Voice of China. And just when you thought you’ve had enough, models, locals and foreigners alike grace the platform as their catwalk and brings in a sexier vibe.

Different types of music pump up the club the whole night. Since it opened, Muse has hired 5 resident DJs who all have more than 8 years of working experience. Each of these DJs has their own specialty in music to give club goers a variety in their Muse clubbing experience. The club’s Ukrainian DJ, DJ Johnnie, has already worked as a DJ for 15 years. As it is his first time in China, Tianjin Plus took the opportunity to interview the newcomer:

It’s your first time in China, tell us about the whole experience so far.
Yes, it’s my first time in Tianjin and actually my first time in China. I arrived here 2 months ago and I like it here, although it really is a very different culture. Like in Muse where I’m working now, the crowd is totally different from those in my home country, the Ukraine, or even in Russia and in many other countries I’ve gone to. However, it’s good and I like it here.

Which country did you work in for before coming to China? Tell us about the crowd difference.
I worked in my country, in Ukraine, in a club there and had some gigs in Russia and some other countries as well. Well, it’s a totally different atmosphere and crowd, I must say. During my past three years in Ukraine, I was working on Trance music, but in China I can’t play those tunes because I’m asked to play more popular and commercial music.

The crowd in China and those in the Ukraine are totally different. In a Ukrainian Club the party atmosphere is amazing, filled with energy, but in China, people like to watch and listen, and don’t dance as much; so in my first two weeks here, I didn’t understand what was happening. It was a culture shock! I was playing and people where not dancing so I asked, “why?!”

So coming from a place where party people are filled with energy and love to dance and have fun in a club, was it difficult for you to adjust to this new environment?
My priority is always playing music. It comes first in my life so it was not difficult for me because I can play in different styles and kinds of music. I don’t have trouble playing Trance music in Ukraine or playing commercial music in China. It doesn’t matter as long as I’m playing music.

So don’t you feel any limitations in playing your music here?

Not at all. In my set, I try to play one or two Trance tunes to make sure that I still have my kind of music- even in a set generally filled with pop songs. Trance music is beautiful music and it is something so deep so I try to incorporate it in my sets.

Lastly, what would you like to tell Tianjin Plus readers?
Come to Muse and enjoy our music here! I play at 12:15am every night and my set lasts for an hour. Come and hear me play!

Muse Bar 缂柉閰掑惂
Address: Junction of Liuzhou Lu and Xi'an Dao, Heping District
Call: +86 22 5836 5608



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